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Lets talk alittle bit about the big picture to making money online. What is it? well. . . it can mean different things to different people, but for the most part the big picture would be what you want to get out of your online money making venture. The number one answer would be when all is said and done I want a successfull online money making venture. This is good because it gives you a broad long term goal, something to work towards. Lets talk alittle bit about how exactly you are going to start making money online. There are many many ways to make money online, as part of the brainstorming step you need to know which direction you want to go in. Do you want to have a money making website, are you going to sell a products, are you going to be an affiliate, or are you going to sell a service and there are many many more. We cover all of these things in this site, but for right now we are going to focus on content websites.

Content rich websites are a great way to both make money online and do something that you love to do. There are four main puzzle pieces to making your content rich money making website a successfull one, they are Content-Traffic-Presell-Monetize or C-T-P-M for short. If you manage to get all of the puzzle pieces together you will have a successfull online money making venture. Lets discuss each part in more detail, and you will see how each one works off of the other.

Content What is content? content is the information that you put in your site that web searchers are looking for. People generally search the Internet for content, they don’t search for you, because they don’t know you yet. Teamed with Search Engine Optimization your content will rank highly with search engines in turn bringing free highly targeted traffic to your website, that traffic is then pre-sold and then converts to monetizing. Let me give you an example and you can apply it to making money online. For example the actor Denzel Washington, his content is he's a great actor, therfore he gets paid alot of money to do a film, Why? because the production companys know that Denzels Content will bring alot of traffic, This is the same reason why his name is on the movie posters and movie trailers. People see his name on the movie posters and trailers then people pay to see the movie because of Denzel's content. The movie makes tons of money and then they cycle starts over again. But if people loose interest in Denzel Washingtons content the cycle begins to slow and than ultimatley stop. This is why content is so important to make money online, you need content to bring the traffic, and great content to keep them coming back. Convert your knowledge into in-demand Content. To make money online, start where they start. . . . . at “the search. ”

Traffic If you want to make money online traffic is key, no business online or off can survive with out it. No traffic means no sales, because you have great targeted content you will start to bring in highly targeted free traffic viraly and from search engines. All of the traffic came to your site to see the content that your site has. Now that the traffic starts coming in it is your job to get respect and trust from the traffic for two reasons, one so they will become return customers and two so you can pre-sell them successfully.

Pre-Sell It amazes me how many people skip this piece of the puzzle. Pre-selling is very important to make money online. What you are doing when you pre-sell your product or site you are making your visitor comfortable with you and your offer, and building trust. Most people are more likely to buy from people they trust. Give your traffic what they are looking for relevant, original information. A good example of preselling is movie trailers. When a movie is ready to go into theatres the movie trailers goes out in advance it gets the potential targeted audience interested and eager to see the movie when it hits theatres. If the movie just opened in theatres without preselling no-one would watch. Also the only way to skip this piece is if you have a big brand name like Ebay etc.

Monetize Believe it or not this is actually the easy part. This is where you convert warm, willing-to-buy “Presold” visitors into income. At the Monetize level your visitors are eager and ready to buy, basically they have their wallets out and ready to purchase. But Monetizing cannot happen if you fail to first execute C > T > P. This is where 99% of small business’ fail.

Once you have your own Pre-Sold traffic you are in control. Then you can blend in multiple streams of revenue, not just one. It is very important to have each piece of the puzzle to be successfull.

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