A Day In the Life Of An Internet Sabotager

Lydia De Leon

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Are you allowing your internal sabotager to destroy your most treasured dreams? Find out how we sabotage ourselves and our businesses everyday even without being aware of it.

Sally has been involved in network marketing for 5 years now. She truly desires to create a six-figure income. Over the years, she has purchased every ebook and training material available for her to build a successful and profitable home business.

She gets on every company conference call and talks with her sponsor often. She stays up late at night reading her training material on how to promote her business. She places a few ads here and there and submits her website to the search engines.

"What am I doing wrong?", she asks. “Why am I still not making any money?"

Meanwhile, out of a sense of desperation, she jumps onto yet another opportunity thinking ‘they must have the secret I am looking for’. She loses another $200 and sobs. . . . .

Sally is not aware of the fact that she is allowing her internal sabotagers to control her. Everytime she utters a complaint against her businesss, she is creating a belief system deep within herself that destroys her self-esteem, confidence and ability to succeed in her home business. She is actually reinforcing the belief that she's not making any money and as a consequence, she doesn't make any money.

If unchecked, this internal sabotager will invite other ‘friends’ and pretty soon, they will destroy your dreams altogether. You see, complaining gives way to a negative attitude which most certainly will come across to those we speak with.

Think about it for a moment, how could we think ‘negatively’ and come across as positive, successful people to our prospects? Complaining reinforces a sense of insecurity within us about our abilities and being successful with our businesses.

It's not a coincidence that Sally started slacking off on her business. She started making excuses for not being on the conference calls and started dedicating less and less time to promoting her business. All of a sudden, she never seemed to have enough ‘time’. The diapers needed to be changed, the kids had to be taken to the soccer game, the laundry had to be done, the house had to be cleaned, the groceries had to be made etc. . .

How about you? Do you see yourself in Sally? Do you find yourself complaining often about your ‘lot in life'? How others are making it and you're not? Are you hopping from one opportunity to another thinking that maybe the ‘secret’ is over there?

So how do we fight against these internal sabotagers so that we are not teaming up with them in the destruction of our dreams?

First, become aware of how you entertain complaining, negative talk, procrastination, excuses, insecurities and other like minded ‘friends’.

Second, when one of the sabotagers rears it's ugly head, fight against him by speaking something positive about your success. Ex. ‘I'll never make money', you can say, ‘I am successful and I am producing more money than I will ever need’. Words contain energy, so why not infuse energy into words?

Third, no matter what, continue to speak positively about your success and you'll find that your actions will follow. You've heard the old saying, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he", hmmmm, think he knew what he was talking about?

Fourth, be patient with the process. It will happen if you believe it will.

Fifth continue learning and building your business and pretty soon, you'll be rewarded with the six-figure income (or more) that you were working for.

We spend so much time running away from our dreams that we never get to taste the sweetness of success. If we could just hold still enough throughout the ‘dry’ times and continue believing in our success, we can then reap the rewards of our hard work.

The same principle applies to everything else in our lives. How many times have we complained that we're not losing the belly fat? Or about not having any quality relationships?

If you stop for a moment and really analyze your ‘failures', you will find that it started with a little complaining here and there that gave way to some insecurities about your ability to succeed and surely enough, you started inviting the other ‘friends’ to sabotage your efforts.

Of all the things I've learned in my career as a network marketer/ internet marketer, it's this:

It takes energy to feed a negative attitude, why not use that energy to create my success?

Put your energy to good use: get the training you need to succeed, more importantly, apply that knowledge and add a little patience and faith to the process and you'll sprout some green!

Lydia De Leon is a work at home, homeschooling mom and has been in network marketing for the past 6 years. She operates a successful online mlm home business and publishes a weekly newsletter on building a successful mlm business.

Visit her site at: http://www.CeoMomByDesign.com


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Life Is Like A See-Saw - One Day You Are Up, The Next Day Down!
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