Christian Based Home Business-Is It Right For You?


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With the continual upheaval in the American corporate job market, many Christians are turning to Christian based home businesses as a means to achieve the job security and personal freedom their corporate job could not provide them. In this pursuit, it is important for opportunity seekers to understand the true meaning behind a “Christian based home business. ”

Individuals pursuing a career change into a home based business need to carefully analyze the business model of each company they are investigating. A delineation needs to be drawn between companies that market and sell Christian merchandise or services and companies that operate with a core set of values that mirror Christian morals, values, and beliefs.

Many people are very skeptical of home based business that are presented online due to exaggerated claims, false promises, and an extended working relationship from the person you are purchasing the business from. While most Christian based home businesses do not overtly promote their faith on their websites, they may subtly include it as a means to reduce skepticism by the possible client, especially people who identify themselves as Christians. ”

Most well intended home business owners are simply trying to communicate to you, the consumer, that their business is operated from a Christian perspective. In promoting a Christian based business, marketers rarely have a product that is a Christian item, symbol, or artifact.

If you are searching for a Christian based business opportunity, be careful of business opportunities that promote Christian themes on their ads but their websites do not reflect the same message. Most of these business owners are getting you to their website through a “pay-per-click” ad hosted by an internet search engine. They are targeting you with the keyword content in their ad but do not back up their faith statements in their actual website. The old bait and switch trick is still at play on the internet.

In studying online home based business opportunities that identify themselves as Christian based, it is apparent that the majority of these businesses can be categorized in the grouping of business that operate under a prevailing belief system rather than promoting a particular Christian product or service. Clarifying this for home business opportunists is important as it accurately portrays the possible investment they will be participating in.

Christian based home businesses are a rapidly growing segment of today’s business climate. Before investing, make sure you are informed regarding what type of Christian based home business you will be operating.

Michael Smith is a former youth pastor and church planter. He has also experienced significant success as a sales representative with a fortune 500 company, several home businesses, and now is an emerging internet marketing specialist. His primary online business is in the wholesale travel industry with Lifetime Coastal Vacations and As a Level 3 Director with Coastal Vacations, Michael has built his business around a “no-hype" philosophy and an emphasis on sharing his knowledge and resources to help those who work with him to find success in their home businesses.


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Christian Home Based Business – Are You Plugged In?
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