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Walking Through The Home Based Business Mine Field

Trevor Kugler

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If you've never had the distinct pleasure of trying to find out about a home based business opportunity, let me enlighten you as to a little bit of what goes on. It is literally a mine field filled with more horsesh#@t than your local horse stable. Before I go into what I've found goes on, let me tell you that it is possible to have a business that run out of your home and make money doing so. In some cases a lot of money, but the making of money doesn't happen instantaneously, as many weasels would have you believe. Like anything in life, creating something of value takes effort. It doesn't happen without any effort on your part. But the bottom line is that it is possible. I'll give you a few of the things I've learned with the hope that they may save you some time and energy.

1) You Must Believe In What Your Doing - For many years I tried things just because of the promise of simplicity and riches. Don't do this. You must believe in what you're doing. Just the promise of making money isn't enough. You must enjoy your business, especially if your want to run it out of your home.

2) Guard Your Phone Number – Especially when you're first researching things, guard your phone number like your first born. If some of these unscrupulous companies get a hold of your number, you'll receive calls from everyone and their brother trying to sell you “the next big thing".

3) Follow Your Passion - The best thing to do when starting a home based business is to follow your passion. What is it that you love. Fishing, hunting, sewing, writing, talking to people, whatever it is, it makes the most sense to build a business that you run out of your home based on what you love spending time doing. This may sound trite, but it's true. You're much more likely to have success, if you're following what your heart tells you.

4) It's Going To Take Time - Although many of the weasels selling the next big thing will tell you that you can build a sizable business quickly, it's not true. Be careful about making decisions when you're desperate. That's what many of these companies pray on. Building anything of value, takes a little time. The exact amount of time will vary by individual, but the bottom line is that it you won't be making tons of money overnight no matter what you're doing.

Take these points as something to at least think about. I've made many mistakes on my search for a home based business and these are some of the things that I learned. For me, it wasn't until I followed #3 before some success started showing up. For you it may be different, but the points should help you on your journey. Good luck and remember what Al Bernstein said about success, “Success is often the result of taking a misstep in the right direction. "

Trevor Kugler Co-founder of and founder of Trevor has more than 20 years of fishing experience and currently raises his 3-year old daughter in the heart of trout fishing country. . . . . . Montana. - Now this is how to carry worms! - Here's some great rod and reel choices - Fishing Tips & Techniques For Pennies!!!!!!


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