The Home Based Business: Look Before You Leap


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The home based business look before you leap

The home based business seems to be the dream of many of us these days. It is a viable way out of the greedy corporate rat race that has affected so many of us.

If you are considering such an endeavor, I congratulate you. This is the very spirit that keeps America great.

I have read many fine articles on the subject and have seen many opportunities. There are a lot of ways to make a living from your home. It seem though a couple of important issues are overlooked.

It would be a shame to go to all the work of setting up your operation and learning how to operate it just to get shut down by an oversight.

If you are operating out of your home make sure before you start out:

a. Local zoning laws will allow your business to be there.

This one is easy to miss but could shut you down quicker than anything else.

b. Your homeowners insurance covers sales people, clients and delivery people.

What happens if a business visitor slips on your walk or your dog bites them? Nobody is better at getting out of paying than insurance companies. Check with your agent before anything happens.

c. What insurance will be needed for your business equipment?

If your house burns down, will your business be covered? Probably not without a separate policy.

d. Are your neighbors going to cause you problems?

A neighbor can cause more problems than you can imagine. Be sure to talk to them so they understand what is going on next door to them.

e. Make sure to understand any pollution laws including noise.

If your business makes noise you can get everyone in the area down your throat in a hurry. You must be a good neighbor also.

This just names a few of the possible issues that could arise out of a home based business. As is true in most business situations, it is best to look at as many possible issues as possible before you leap into regrettable actions.

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