101 Home Based Business Ideas But Choose 1

JY Chia

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In 2006 there are more then a 101 home based business ideas.

And in 2007 this year, it will be more, it could hit an exponential curve with the rapid trend of running your own home based businesses.

From gardening to pets grooming to editing student essays, there are many viable home based business ideas.

And this very fact has its pros and cons.

The pros would be, there is a market for everyone, it is a matter of choice to step up and take action to make your aspiration and reality.

The cons are, best explained with the conventional term of job hopping in the rat race world.

Hence, when you fail in one idea, some of us may just skip to the next idea without even reflecting and make corrections.

I have been through this frankly speaking when I just started out.

I would jump to the next most attractive idea when the present idea haven’t even been brought to fruition.

This has caused me confusion, information overload and ultimately $0.

Now however, with the concentration of a particular idea, namely self- development, my passion niche, by giving my 101% but choosing only to focus this 1 idea has brought on many lights and flow of earnings.

With a clearer vision in mind and rewards of cash, it is motivating.

It will take some trial and errors because like me I was not sure which one is really in it for me.

If you have similar experiences, the 101 ideas, they all seem attractive, isn’t it?

Believe me or believe me not, you decide, that by focusing on just 1.

Giving your 101%

for the 1 chosen niche, miracles will happen when you take the correct route by learning the ropes from people who are where we want to be and by being persistent even when we fall and to bounce back.

The key is to be focus and take consistent action.

In addition, as with all things, you need to have a passion for your chosen business in order for it to sustain, for the very fact that you are going to invest time and some budget into your business.

This has been the discussion of a 101 business ideas but choose 1.

Decide for yourself and stay focus.

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