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With people searching the internet for ways to make money at home many techniques have emerged. Among these is paid survey. The problem is that some unethical marketers are taking advantage of this situation and presenting SCAMs. Below I have provided a list of questions and answers to fill you in on the real situation.

Question: How does Paid Survey Work?

Answer: Companies like Pepsi, Sony, and many others conduct customer satisfaction surveys regularly. In some cases they will even pay you for your time with either a sample of their product or sometimes cash. Hence the name Paid Survey.

Question: What are Paid Survey Providers getting out of the deal?

Answer: Some unethical marketers use the idea of paid surveys to take advantage of people. They offer a list of the highest paying paid surveys to those who buy their package or membership in order to offer something of value.

Question: Should I ever pay for Paid Survey Lists?

Answer: No, there are many free paid survey list sites out there that will provide you with the same information.

Question: Am I putting myself at risk by taking Paid Surveys?

Answer: Yes, let’s think about this for a second. The people gathering up surveys and selling lists of paid surveys are making money every time someone buys a membership to their site, right? Well, what about the paid survey sites that offer free lists? Guess what, they’re making money too through paid surveys. The way they profit is simple; those who opt-in to receive their free listings have to enter their contact information. In turn, these free paid survey listing sites sell your contact information. Ever wonder why you get emails from places you’ve never even been to? This also how your information can end up in the wrong hands, resulting in identity theft.

Question: I’ve already participated in online surveys. Is there any advice you can give me?

Answer: Yes, cancel any subscriptions or sample subscriptions you may have created with the paid survey companies you were involved with. Here’s why: In reading about paid survey Scams, I read a story from a paid survey victim. Apparently, she signed up for a paid survey ($15) and was directed to a weight loss nutrition center. The survey involved sampling some of their product (pills), so she signed up for the free sample in order to qualify for the survey payout. In order to receive the pills, she had to pay for the shipping. She agreed to shipping of about $4 and waited to get the sample in order to conduct the survey.

Here’s the trap: After conducting the survey she went on to some other surveys and completely forgot about the original survey site. Well, she missed one piece of information in the sample sign up about canceling her sample subscription. Their policy indicated a monthly membership if you do not cancel within 30 days and the credit card used for shipping was charged for the 2 bottles at $39.99 per month. As an added bonus, there was a no return policy in effect for consumable merchandise.

Question: So, are there any easy Paid Survey Alternatives?

Answer: Yes, and you don’t have to give up your personal information to loads of sites. Not only that, but you can do it in your own home as well and it requires less time to turn profits. To learn more visit Paid Survey Alternative .

Take this information to heart… You've been warned and informed about a great alternative to Paid Surveys. Not only that, but this alternative has no start-up cost and can start paying out quickly and is much more reliable than paid surveys. Get FREE access to the ultimate Paid Survey alternative, which will not put your personal information at risk and payout regularly by visiting Paid Survey Alternative .


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Paid Surveys And How To Make Money Online Using Free Paid Survey Sites
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