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I have been selling on Ebay for some 12 months, in that time I have acquired a feedback of 1200 positive transactions and a positive percentage of 99.4%, I am also a Powerseller having sold £1500/month of products per month ($3000) for the past 3 months.

I have sold everything from:

  • things around the home,
  • lingerie,
  • ipods,
  • PCs,
  • diet tablets,
  • but I find the most profitable are ebooks! These are electronic books that are downloaded from a website.
I can make 500-600% profit per ebook! However the only draw back is spotting fraudster buyers, because these items are intangible, (only downloadable) some buyers NOT ALL, try once they have paid via Paypal and downloaded the product to get a refund.

They can dispute the transaction with Paypal, who will side with the Buyer 9 times out of 10! Even though the seller has done nothing wrong. This is a loophole that Paypal chooses to do nothing about. . . .

The majority of buyers on Ebay are law abiding, like anything in life you come across the odd deadbeat, but due to Ebays success there seems to be more than the fair share trawling Ebay!

However, the easiest way I have found in spotting this type of buyer is they have a low feedback, anything up to 60, they could be very newly registered alternatively, they have been registered for a couple of years with a very low number of transactions such as 3. Once they have bid on your item, check their feedback and if you see feedback that other sellers have left causing you to be concerned you can refund their payment and get you fees returned from Ebay.

If they dispute the transaction this can only be for 2 things, either none delivery or not as described.

None Delivery- The best way around this is to copy the download URLs into the Paypal dispute panel and state that ebooks (intangible goods) are not covered under buyer/seller protection. Paypal will normally side with the seller on this.

Not as Described- This is a little trickier, you must state the intangible goods are not covered under buyer/seller protection and try to answer the issues the buyer as honestly - unfortunately this is were some buyers lie and there is nothing you can do about it! Paypal will side with buyer on this.

Should the transaction be reversed, you could contact a debt collection agency and forward the Paypal details to them who work on a commission basis if the product is of high value, I sell various ebooks for $110+ and I get around 1-3 sales per month try this and this is the action I have chosen to take. They charge around $250 that they get from the fraudulent buyer (not you!) Then they forward the payment to you minus their commission of around 10%.

Once its been reversed, you can contact Ebay and file a dispute with them and get your Final Value Fees back, this will also give the buyer a none payment strike, 3 of them and they are banned from Ebay. then leave negative feedback for Product Theft.

Out of my 12 months, I have probably had only 24 problems, not bad for making $3000/month!

If you sell tangible goods (actual products) always get proof of postage or have the item signed for, this eliminated the first issue.

Good luck on your Ebay Success.

Ebay trader for 12 months making $3000 per month on average selling ebooks, do you want to know more? Take a look at my website: http://www.onlinesolutions.me.uk


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The Truth About Direct Sales - Why Direct Sales Is More Profitable Than MLM
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