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If you find a paid online survey site I've probably been a member of it! To be honest most had very little content and I struggled to make my money back for the joining fee let alone making a decent second income from it. I got a tip from a friend who was like me looking to make more money about one he had found on the net.

I've never normally been a fan of these membership sites from past experience so you can guess what my thoughts were when I had this tip from my friend about this paid survey site. The only reason I took a look is because he's a good friend and when he's given me advice before he's been dead right.

I took a look at the website and although it seemed it would probably have much more jobs and higher payouts than other ones that i had joined, I still was fairly skeptical and didn't want to spend any more money on dodgy sites.

A few days later I saw my friend and he told me he'd earned $200 in a single day!

At first i was a bit suspect because it sounded too easy but he wouldn't lie so I decided to take another look. As I've already said looking at the web page it looked like it actually might be worth joining and it was only $34.95 to join and it was pay day. But this was going to be the last one I join, If this doesn't work I'm calling it a day. The site also had a money back guarantee so I thought this time I'd give it a go.

So is this site any good?. . . . . .

I was very pleasantly surprised. The sign up fee I made back in the first 2 surveys I took, both on the same day which went into my account 24 hours later. There was a huge selection of survey companies all which I've tried so far pay on time which is one of the most important things. There are actually over 300 survey companies in it's database which pay on average $4 to $75 per survey. You can also get as much as $150 when you join a focus group. This company also is global so it doesn't matter if you live outside the U. K or U. S. They've also got their own software to help you fill out the forms so you don't have to spend hours typing the same thing. You can also get paid for trying new products which you get to keep. You can even get paid to preview movie trailers! You can also get paid for driving your own car! I've got to admit you can't go wrong joining this site and it's impossible not to make money out of it. It's amazing to think that you can actually quit your job and do something so much easier and work when you want to.

The site also has several good bonus items including how to get paid reading emails, get paid for shopping. I'd honestly recommend doing surveys with this site to anyone to. It's impossible not to make money from joining and can financially improve your life to make it much more comfortable. I've put the link below so you can take a look, but you've got nothing to lose! (Make sure you tell your family but don't tell too many friends keep it quiet).

Review of products on the web to help people try and avoid the traps i have fallen into.


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Paid Surveys and Paid Survey Sites - A Players' Guide for Survey Takers
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