Why Direct Selling is an Option That Works


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Since women were introduced to the workplace, they have had 2 lifestyle options: work outside the home or be a stay-at-home mom. Today, there is another option that allows a bit of both for parents, and a world of freedom for others. More than 10 million women across America are finding a beautiful balance in their lives by starting their own home-based business.

In many households, certainly my own now as well as my parents growing up, the woman's income was not optional, it was critical to the financial security of the family. For many Moms across the country, there is an enormous internal struggle between staying home to influence their children, or taking care of their family financially with a career. For some who choose to influence their children, they still miss the challenge, interaction and personal enrichment derived from business.

Today, caring for family is not even limited to caring for and nurturing children, but increasingly aging parents are becoming the responsibility of women. A 2004 study by the National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP found that women account for 71 percent of those devoting 40 or more hours a week to caring for aging relatives.

Home-Based businesses work so well for women because they offer so many options and so many opportunities at the same time. The products range from cosmetics and health products to kitchen and home accessories to financial and legal services. Typically, the companies provide home-based business owners with products, marketing materials, training and support. There isn't any real start-up time other than finding a company you trust, that offers a product or service that you can get passionate about. The risk is minimal, if any exists at all. Some companies even offer a No-Cost start up option.

Direct selling is a relationship-based business. Women love to share great sales or finds with each other. It is a feel good business because typically there is a model that allows selling consultants greater financial rewards when they help others succeed. Standing directly opposite the typical culture and behaviors of corporate America, the direct sales companies are soundly grounded in a values-based environment.

Benefits of Direct Sales

  • Freedom
    • Freedom to set your own hours
      Choice of how much and when you work

  • Financial Security
    • No fear of being “downsized"
      You control your company

  • Tax Benefits
    • Allowable deductions can make a big difference in the taxes your family pays

  • Recognition
    • Industry wide focus on praise
      Industry wide focus on prizes

  • Personal Growth
    • Learners are Earners
      Overcome personal challenges such as shyness

  • Social
    • Positive environment for Women

  • The Sky is the Limit
    • Unlike corporate America, you can give yourself a raise whenever you want
      There are women who make literally millions each year working part time hours

    I encourage you to research many of the direct sales companies out there and find the one that suits you!

    Contact Me if I can be of any assistance to you.


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