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As a staff writer at ‘Home Based Business’ we regularly answer questions submitted by our members, one great topic is freelance writing.

The so-called starving writer may not exactly be starving these days, but there are still bills to pay, clothes to buy, and other living necessities that any average Joe needs. The best part of all is that you no longer have to scribble out poems for a few pennies on the street. And if your local newspaper is not in need of your talents, then perhaps someone, say, in Vermont will be.

In our Internet connected world, with the right credentials you can be on the editorial staff of a major magazine or other publication and only go as far as the next room to sit down at your computer. All you need is a connection, a telephone or an email account, and your writing skills.

Freelancers working this way often write for several publications at one time. One freelance writer may work with 5 different places doing 5 different jobs; writing varied articles for a magazine, email news letters, blog editing, blog writing, and columnist for another magazine.

After building up a good base, you can let go of the low-paying jobs and trade them in for new high-paying jobs. By doing so, you increase your earnings from around $30,000 to $100,000. Multiple clients mean multiple incomes, and combined these easily put away the starving writer notion.

The trick to being a freelance writer is to know where to find freelance writing jobs. There are several places on the Internet you can look and make your decisions based on your experience, time devotion, and the kind of pay you want.

Smaller Job Sites and

These are just two sites of many that post a veritable free-for-all in writing jobs. Some of the requests are specific, such as an editor or website’s need for a correspondent to visit local clubs and write about the bands that perform there. Other requests are general, companies that need numerous articles written on various subjects. Usually the pay offered on these sites will be low ( does have a “High-Paying Writing Jobs” section, but some posts do not mention pay rates so it can be hard to tell), but they offer you the ability to start a decent freelance track record for future higher-paying jobs.

Professional Job Sites and

These websites aim their freelance work toward professional writers. The work is varied, from magazine and book publishing to the newspaper industry. Jobs can include the usual editing or writing of articles, longer term projects, or just simply long-term work for good pay. After you have created a solid list of credentials from smaller writing jobs, you can work on breaking in to jobs offered at these sites, thus trading out low-pay for high-pay.

General Job Sites, Hotjobs., and

These three are the more popular websites where employers from every state can list jobs. By using specific search keywords of “editing” and “writing, ” you can find possible jobs that suit your desires. The catch is that these websites can pose a difficult challenge as many employers who post here are expecting to find people that can physically walk into the office on a daily basis. However, if you look long enough and ask enough employers if they are willing to take on a telecommuter or an Internet relationship, you are bound to find a few that are open to the idea. Be sure to have a good cover letter ready for these employers, listing your qualifications, resume, and if the need arises, some clips of previously published work.

You have to be patient, determined, and ready to work hard. Even if you have you own hours and are working from your desk at home, having so many things on your plate can be time consuming. When thumbing through job offers, do not be afraid to try something you are unsure of. Who knows? It may turn out better than you expected, and if it does not go the way you planned, then no big deal. Just move on to the next possible job and enjoy your freedom while doing so.

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