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May I ask you a question, “Are you spending good quality time with your family?”

Because if you are, I sincerely respect your time and you can stop reading.

But, if you are not spending good quality time with your family, you want to read this story of how one dedicated man went all out to realize his dreams of spending more time with his wife and it has now became a reality for this man whom I call a mentor, he has recently became a father.

This mentor of mine is the typical, all-women-like-kind-of-gentleman. From the first time that I met him, he already has this radiating charisma of a gentleman and I was betting that he is a family man and bingo when he shared his story with us.

That aside, let us hop on the memory bus of his life, he is still a businessman, only that he has now become a boss to his internet businesses.

He used to own an advertising agency and due to the nature of this business, frequent travels were part of the package. And you guess it right, he missed his family a lot.

Then one day he read a book called, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, it is indeed a great book that I would recommend you to read too. That aside, my mentor read about, to attain financial freedom and have a passive stream of income, there are various options, of which there are franchising and building a network marketing organization too.

He chose the franchising path in a hope to spend more time with his family, he got hold of a famous brand of ice cream franchise. And he scooped ice creams every single day and the profits has been measly.

When another famous ice cream shop came on to the other part of the mall, he found himself sneaking to the outlet to savor the ice creams there. That does not make any sense, and since he is losing money too from his venture, he quit.

However, this man will not be blown down by any winds or tides, he persevered and started to build a network marketing organization. He started small and gradually grow this business over the span of 5 years and is earning a reasonably good money monthly, but he is still not spending enough time with his wife.


You would agree with me that in a traditional offline network marketing business, you ought to be out of your house to earn money. You need to go to your clients not the other way around.

His “dream-saver” came to his rescue.

Another mentor of mine, call him J. J also wanted to attain financial freedom and joined the internet marketing business under him.

However, J is not a fan of cold calling or meeting strangers.

J disappeared when my mentor told him that it is not possible for the clients to come to us, it has got to be us to go to them.

Fortunately for my mentor, they kept in contact, and during the year that J disappeared he was fine tuning his internet marketing skills and one fine day, he broke the news.

He send an email with a cheque of $5000 written to J and send it to my mentor.

That opened my mentor’s mind.

The rest is history.

This gentleman mentor of mine has now been “certified” to live the internet lifestyle and yes he has achieved his dream of spending his time with his wife and newborn while bringing back the bacon right at the comfort of his own home too.

And the irony is this, now to build a home internet business, he has got to stay at home, because if he is out without his laptop. The money will not come.

Sweet ending isn’t it?

Alright now for a quick recap on what has been covered in this article, I have shared with you that it is possible to have more quality time with your family and you have a choice to build a home internet business to make this a reality for you too.

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