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Build Multiple Residual Income Streams While You Learn Internet Marketing

Carmel Whittle

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Home Based Business

There is so much to cover in marketing and working a home based business. It seems to be that only the guru’s seem to be making money online and mainly from those of us who are trying our best to make a go of things online. Building multiple residual income streams while learning is most definitely the way to go.

Here is some advice to working your business online. Stop buying everything under the sun. Get good coaching, someone who does not proclaim to be a guru just someone who is further up the ladder, so to speak. All the guru’s that come across your desktop, nine chances out of ten they have no idea how to help others build a list, Or build relationships or even build a system that can work for all.

Many, so called gurus, may have the funds to outsource to purchase their systems. The rest of us are out slogging along to try and make some progress towards owning our own business. Yes, folks it’s all about the system. Without a system it’s a long haul to truly make any head way online.

If you want to cut through the maze of what it takes to run your own home based business then keep reading. There are many options to starting your own home based business. You can join up as an affiliate, you can create your own products, you can work for a reputable business, however my advice, research all your options. No matter what you decision is be sure that any or all of them have a system in place.

Affiliate Programs what is their game?

Up lines in any of the above systems, in particular affiliate programs, are not really supportive. They don’t have any answers because they are not a part of a program that holds substance. Many affiliate programs are simply list building, prospect hunting systems. The top of those systems move on quickly, collecting their large list, while the rest are plugging away, believing we are making progress and we continue to work a program that has dried up. The top crust who builds the system has moved on to the next system.

Having said this, it is important to understand how to work these affiliate programs even if you did not create them. You can indeed build your own list. Are You Frustrated The sharing of information is crucial. Without building relationships we are truly floundering like a fish on a beach. If you want to stop floundering let’s take a serious look at how all this works together.

Carmel Whittle is a marketer and entrepreneur. I work as an art/literacy instructor with adults with developmental disabilities and community developer. My belief is through communication and sharing our experiences we can help each other learn and become a success at anything we place our energies into. Owner of The Business Portal Thousands of Articles on Business, Security, Parenting, Health & more & Northern Lights Marketing


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Multimedia Marketing, Creating Multiple Income Streams
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