As Easy As Apple Pie... Not Really


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Would you rather make your own apple-pie? Or just buy one at the store? This is an important question and has little to do with pie. The first question involves work. You must core and slice the apples, prepare the crust, measure the sugar and spice, heat the oven, and wait. The second question only needs the purchase of a ready-made pie. One will entail personal labor; the other choice is based on convenience.

Creating a business is a lot like making a pie, it takes effort and patience. And though marketers lure you into thinking that a business of convenience will turn you into millionaire, it just isn’t so. This is why many businesses fail. No one wants to MAKE the pie.

A successful business takes time, and most of this time is gaining practical knowledge. Even at the moment when your business finally gets off the ground, you will continue to gather information to apply new skills. A business is a growing entity, and you must care for it, which takes both fortitude and determination.

I would like to tell you that a business can run itself; but this is not true. I’d also like to tell you that you can have wealth without spending time and energy. That is also untrue. There is no free lunch; there is no rainbow and pot of gold; no pennies from heaven. There is something far greater; the opportunity to create your heart’s desire. Why do we refuse it?

It’s the lure of the “turnkey”, the promise of riches with little difficulty; just buy the book, the tape, the CD; the latest foolproof method, and YOU TOO can become a millionaire. Send in your $$ and you’ll be part of the latest business that is skyrocketing. Oh, and “Don’t Be Left Behind. ”

We want it sooner rather than later; we want much money, NOW; and we want to be free from the work involved. This opens the door for the deceiver. He throws down his welcome mat and hangs the shingle, with a promise of prosperity without exertion. If you pay him a small fee, he will let you in on the “secret”.

Convinced that our lives will miraculously change overnight, we soon discover that we’ve been duped. Swindled, we feel inadequate; unfit. But instead of learning from this lesson, we repeat the same mistake. We want to avoid the work and reap the rewards. This will not ensure a successful business.

The mindset of “something for nothing” is rampant in the world today. From entitlement programs to credit creation; we gladly walk down the road that promises an effortless life. But that’s not the life for you. You have bigger dreams.

Here, have a slice of apple-pie. I made it just for you.

Nancy Ayash is a freelance writer currently residing in the Pacific Northwest. She can be reached at

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Apple Pie Recipes - A True American Art
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