Can a Person Really Make Money Taking Surveys Online?


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Well, yes, if they go about it in the right way.

Marketing research companies have been taking surveys for many years. Recently, the reach, the low cost and the fast response time of the Internet has been attracting more and more survey activity away from the traditional mail, door to door, shopping mall interviews and telephone methods of reaching target populations. If you are on the Internet for any length of time you will have encountered free surveys. You might even have filled out a few. But, after awhile, if you are like most folks, you just say, “Yeah, yeah. . . " and click off to something more interesting.

To counter this and get people to pay serious attention, many survey companies have taken the tact of offering monetary rewards, payment in dollars, to people who take the time to fill out surveys. That is where the money comes from.

But not just anyone gets paid. Strangers needn't apply. You see, survey results are only relevant for the specific “population" for which they are targeted. The company that contracted the market research company to make a survey, wants to know things about how its customers react, think and feel. If they are selling laundry detergent, they want to know what the users think, what the buyers think. So their target population might be women ages 18-90 who keep house within the geographical area where their product is distributed. They want to exclude kids living at home where mama handles the laundry, military personnel on active duty, people in countries where their product is unavailable, etc.

So the way the system works is that first off, the survey-makers offer to pay survey-takers. Then they solicit and accept applications from prospective survey-takers who want to be considered for these paid surveys when they come up. In the application they get all the demographic details about the prospective survey-taker. Name, age, sex, where they live, contact info, education level, income level, occupation, hobbies, interests and so forth. This info establishes the prospect's profile, which will later be used to pick out which individuals match the target population of a particular study by survey.

Then, as surveys are contracted, designed and funded, the questionnaires go out. They are either sent out to the selected survey-takers by e-mail or an e-mail is sent inviting the survey taker to click on a link and be taken to the survey questions page. The survey taker takes the survey, fills out the questionnaire and the survey making company sends him or her a check for their time, opinion and trouble.

And so, the answer to the question, “Can a person really make money taking surveys online?" is yes. Absolutely.

Of course, you will need a good guide company to connect you up with the right survey makers. But then, that goes beyond “Can one. . . " into “How does one. . . " which is another subject entirely. . .

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Make Money Online by Taking Paid Surveys
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