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The Internet is full of ‘get rich quick’ schemes and promises, and most of them have a tiny basis in reality but little chance of benefiting those who pay for the ‘secrets’ and ‘success plans’ to try them. While there is always some exception to the rule, the fact is most people who work from home or run online businesses have to invest time and hard work to earn their livings. The good news is that there are honest and real work from home opportunities out there for anyone willing to put in a little time and effort. One way that many people have found to add to their monthly income is by participating in focus groups for product and service testing. They're basically making money for taking surveys.

Ever heard of an advanced screening for a Hollywood film? That's where the movie studio lets a couple hundred people see the film before it gets released, and then they answer a few questions about the movie. The studio uses the audience reactions during the viewing of the film along with their survey answers to make additional last-minute editing decisions for the final release version.

Hollywood isn't the only place that this type of focus group, product testing takes place. Nearly every industry has it in some form, and many of them pay the people who test their products or services. Think about that, there are companies out there that will give you their products, or let you use their services absolutely free, and then pay you to give them your opinions afterwards.

Now, before you get too excited, keep in mind that most people who do this don't earn a full-time living from it. It appears to work well though as a supplemental income stream for them, where they can earn from a few hundred to a couple thousand extra dollars monthly. That's not too bad at all.

The bad news is that finding these real work from home opportunities isn't easy. If you know someone who is already doing it then you have a way in. If not, it can be very time consuming and frustrating trying to find the honest companies out there who will pay for your time and opinions. They do exist, but they rarely advertise openly to avoid the tidal wave of applications from people wanting their products and services free of charge, not to mention any negative publicity on the chance that their products aren't received well.

You have to take the time and look hard to find them, or join one of the many programs available that provide opportunity leads. In either case, once you begin making money for taking surveys and product testing you'll find what I've tried to make clear here. Even online, nothing worth having comes easy, but honest pay for honest work is available.

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