Paid Online Surveys - Should You Sign Up For the Free Guide Sites or the Paid Ones?


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If you search on Paid Surveys, or any close variation of that term, you are bound to see several offers for “free signups" to take paid online surveys. Others offer to guide you through the hurdles and sandtraps to making money from paid surveys, for a fee. If you join their group they will help you, guide you, but they want you to pay a membership fee first.

So which way should you go? With the free services? Or with the Paid services?

You will get there faster, make money faster and save yourself a lot of grief if you choose a good paid membership service. Why is that, you ask? Here are the main reasons:

1. TANSTAAFL. (pronounced TAN staffle) “There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch!" That's as true today as it was at the end of the 19th century when an astute observer made that observation about the “Free Lunch" that bars of the day offered. . . . “Free" as long as you kept buying drinks! The basic principle is that you better believe that if someone is doing something he is getting something out of what he is doing. When someone offers you something for “free" he expects to get something out of it, although sometimes, exactly what, is not clear. The paid online survey membership site that collects a fee is up front about it. That's how they get paid. The guy that offers it to you for “free" expects to make his money off of you after you sign up!

2. Responsibility. The paid online survey membership site will be more responsible. They have collected your membership fee, now they have to perform for you. They depend on these fees from members and must keep a good reputation to survive. They must perform to your satisfaction or their reputation and future business will suffer. The free site has nothing to lose and everything to gain, from making money off of you once you sign up. Everyone has to eat. They will feed themselves by: selling your information to companies that want to sell you things, collecting a commission off of surveys you fill out (for free or for a low amount), or any other way they can devise.

3. Accountability. With a paid online survey membership site you can demand your money back if they do not perform to your expectations. What can you do with a free site? Just leave. So the paid site is accountable, and they want to keep your membership fee. So they do their best to make sure that you are pleased with the results. Works to your favor.

4. What are the goals of each? The paid online survey membership site wants to see you happily making money, so you won't ask for a refund and will count on their list of happy customers. That puts him on your side. The free site wants to figure out a way to make money off of you! That puts you on opposite sides.

So the bottom line is, just remember “TANSTAAFL" and sign up with the best paid online survey membership site you can find!

Jorge Chavez is an experienced business analyst. To learn more about making money with paid online surveys visit: Paid Surveys To learn how to avoid scams, visit: Scam Alert! To learn more about comparing paid survey companies, visit: Paid Survey Review


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