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You can make good money taking paid surveys, if you go about it in the right way. The right way involves picking a good paid survey site that can guide you to the better, more reliable survey makers.

Your paid survey site guide company can also save you a lot of time and grief by helping you avoid the flaky survey makers and fakes. Fakes? Yes, like those sales sites that disguise themselves and try to look like free paid survey sites. Their game is to get all your info in order to “send you paid surveys". Then they pass your contact info to scores of sales companies who try to sell you things. Some even send you to a ‘survey’ to ask you which of their products you are more likely to buy! Sheesh! A salesman wolf dressed up in paid survey site sheep's clothing! You find those (to one degree or another) frequently at “free" sites.

So how do you go about finding the good guide companies?

There are a number of “review" sites out there that review paid survey companies and make observations and recommendations. Can any of these help?

The answers are Yes, Maybe, no and NO! Let's break that answer down into its respective parts:

Yes. Serious Unbiased There are sites that make a serious effort to examine the alternatives, measure them against each other and pick out the best for you. These serious sites seem to all look at several (more than ten) alternatives. They find or develop objective, numerical measures. They compare and recommend candidates based on these measures and they recognize that companies change so they re-evaluate all periodically.

Paid survey review sites that do all of the above are useful and can help.

Maybe. Semi-serious Biased These sites look at 5-8 alternatives, compare based on few facts and their personal opinion and seem to always recommend the same favorites. Maybe their advice is better than blind guessing, maybe not. At least most of them seem to recommend popular “known" companies, probably based on past reputation only.

No. Biased These sites deal with 3-5 alternatives, show obvious bias in their treatment of their candidates, have almost no objective indicators and seem to be being recommended because the webmaster knows them. Their advice is completely suspect, nonobjective and not useful.

NO! Straw Man Game Players You can see several sites that say things like, “We checked out 197 companies and all were frauds or scams except for 3. " Then they proceed to try to sell you on the 3 supposedly legitimate sites. Clearly they are setting up “straw men" for the purpose of knocking them over. It's a sales gimmick, pure and simple. It doesn't prove anything. Maybe they did find 194 sites that were worse. Avoiding the worst is not the problem; finding the best is. Anyone using such obvious gimmickry is going to extraordinary measures to make his choices look good by comparison, and is definitely not to be taken seriously or trusted.

So Yes, good paid survey review sites can help, but beware of imitations!

Jorge Chavez is an experienced business analyst. To learn more about making money with paid online surveys visit: Paid Surveys To learn how to avoid scams, visit: Scam Alert! To learn more about comparing paid survey companies, visit: Paid Survey Review


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