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Sure, you can get paid for surveys, lots of people do, every day. It's not difficult, it's good work that you do from home, working the hours that you choose to work. Of course you do need to go about it correctly to get the best results. Want to know more about how to do that? Read on. . .

If you want to get paid for surveys, here is what you need to do:

1. Pick a good paid survey guide program that will help you to get paid for surveys. There are many hundreds of companies that make commercial surveys for all sorts of reasons, usually because they were commissioned to do so by a marketing research company or department of a big company. Amongst these hundreds of companies are some good ones to deal with, some not-so-good, some flakey outfits, some pseudo-survey pretenders who prey on the unwary and some outright scams. The survey guide companies study the marketplace, keep a list of proven reliable companies which they constantly update, and help their clients to get started. They steer their clients toward good companies and away from the problematic ones, help them to really get paid for surveys and not spammed or scammed.

How do you find a Good paid survey guide program? Here's a checklist. Look at the following points:

A. Size. Pick a larger one that has been around for a while. Generally larger means more stable, and they had to be doing something right, really helping their clients to get paid for surveys, to get to be one of the larger ones.

B. Recent Growth. All companies go though cycles, ups and downs. Pick on on the upswing, growing. That indicates that they are doing something right now, not just last year!

C. Good Guarantee. Look for a solid 60 to 90 day money-back guarantee. Not only does this assure you that you won't lose any money, but it also shows their willingness to stand behind the service they offer and means they will try really hard to get you started off right, get paid for surveys and make money at it.

The best guarantees are those backed up by a financial company such as a bank or PayPal or ClickBank. This way you know that the guarantee is real and enforceable, and so does the guide company!

D. Low Refund Rate. This is probably the most important item of all. The refund rate is the percentage of clients that demand their money back. It is a direct measure of client dissatisfaction. A high number means more unhappy clients. Look for a refund rate ideally in the 3-5% range. Avoid any company with a refund rate of over 10%.

2. Once you have picked your guide company and started off, get set up to seriously pursue getting surveys and getting paid for them.

Get yourself a separate free e-mail address to use for this business, and check it at least once a day. Don't let survey offers languish in your inbox.

Apply to all of the survey making companies that your guide company recommends. Initially that will be a significant amount of work, but look at it this way, for you to get paid for surveys, the survey makers have to have your name and demographics in their files. If you don't apply, they won't know you are there and they cannot send you any surveys to take. To get paid for surveys you have to have surveys to fill out!

Get your spouse to apply also. Some surveys are aimed a one set of demographics, some at another. Both of you will have half again or more as many chances at surveys as one alone would.

Get your applications out fast and then be patient. Many go slow with newbies. Respond promptly. Take all the survey for which you qualify. Your diligence will pay off in more surveys to take.

3. Get paid for surveys and enjoy the money you make!

Jorge Chavez is an experienced business analyst at: To learn more about making money with paid online surveys visit: Paid Surveys To learn more about comparing paid survey companies to pick the best one for you, visit: Paid Survey Review


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