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Secrets About The Coastal Vacations Call Center


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Pssst. Wanna know a secret? Do you remember playing the “Telephone Game” at school, where a long line of your classmates, one by one, whisper a message to each other that would ultimately be lost in translation by the time the last kid heard it? We live in a world not far removed from those days. As you do your due diligence on the many opportunities you’ve come across, does one seem to whisper its way back to you? Do you think that’s by accident? Maybe you’ve done your research and you’ve heard some great things about the business and you want to join but you’re still sceptical. While healthy scepticism is a good thing, it can also be the one thing that’s stopping you from creating the life you want.

The Coastal Vacations Call Center has sales professionals who answer the phone on your behalf, present the opportunity and close the deal for you. Can this actually work? Going back to the Telephone Game, if you read and hear the message from the last kid apparently running a business this way just can’t be done. Or can it? There is a word that describes such a concept: leverage. However, there are valid questions that might arise if you are thinking about using the Call Center such as how much control do you really have in your business? What if your leads and sales are stolen? Can you trust a system like this to handle your business?

The short answers for all of the above is it’s your choice to contact your prospects at whatever stage they are in the process, you have as much control in your business as you wish and all Call Center staff sign a non disclosure/non compete agreement; they are not allowed to be members of Coastal Vacations. So how does the system work? The secret is in the system itself. Once contact is made with the prospect, the sales professional enters their information into the back office of the member responsible for producing that lead. The member can choose to call the prospect which is advisable to do regardless of which system you have. It shows you are real and you are willing to help. Although there are different ways to close the sale, what many members appreciate is the sales professional will follow up with the prospect as scheduled. Another secret is its ability to recruit prospects who understand its power to attract.

It has been documented on more than one occasion where people join directly through the member without even calling the Sales Center. Obviously this doesn’t occur often but it’s always nice when it does, just ask any member who this has happened to. While there are many successful groups in Coastal, a not-so-well-known fact is in the last two years more people have joined Coastal Vacations through the Sales Center, than from any other group. With any business there will always be challenges that go along with the triumphs. You know yourself best and it is wise to think about the big picture before you get involved with any business, particularly those with a high price tag. However, if there is a proven system in place with the success stories to go with it, that your “why” going into business is strong and that you believe you can do it, then the only thing getting in the way of your success right now is you. Expect to win!

Roger Gurung is a full time home-based entrepreneur with 15 years of corporate sales experience. He has travelled extensively around the world, particularly in Europe, where he worked as a journalist when he was based in London.


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