Pay It Forward - Can It Make A Real Difference To The World?

Patrick A Chan

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Don't pay back to me. . . pay it forward to someone else instead! Will you say that when you for instance have lent someone some money? The idea of paying it forward requires us to be quite selfless. . .

When we give someone something, we usually expect something in return. Even a hug, or a kiss, or a hello. . . ! Do we want our “gifts" to be passed on to someone else. . . especially to someone we have no idea about? What is your personal answer?

You may be familiar with this scenario: Someone receives a present on his/her birthday and he/she doesn't like it a single bit. . . then, he/she gives it away to another friend in celebration of some occasion! Now, that's not paying it forward =)

To pay it forward requires us to give something that may be difficult for us to give away. . . It calls for courage! And we don't expect a return. . . But like all good deeds, the truth is we will receive our reward whether we like it or not. . . What goes around does come around too =)

So, can we honestly pay it forward in business so that the people we pay it forward to will be helped, and the people they pay it forward to will also be helped and so forth? At the same time, we grow as the people we have paid it forward to grows. . .

I've seen many online home-based business programs try to do that by placing people into some form of cycling matrices, and getting people to benefactor other people into the system. Some are just pure gifting programs. . .

Most of these programs eventually fell apart because of many reasons. . . One of the main reasons has to do with the issue of trust. Will we be able to give away freely our money to complete strangers. . . ? Are we able to trust the company involved implicitly? Then again, are we actually looking for a lucrative return more than merely giving to just have it passed on to others?

The basic idea of giving without expecting a return usually surfaces as our motive of giving in the first place is challenged. . .

Now, let's deal with this Guilt Mindset about making money via charitable means. . .

Let's look at MONEY. . . The hardest thing to give away for many people. . . Do you agree with me that it is something that as long as we live in this world in today's context, we need to have enough of it? Do you want to live a lifestyle that's restricted because your income is restricted?

Now, many people need a way out so that they can spend more quality time with their loved ones. Let's be honest. . . Nobody likes being sucked into the rat race or having to struggle from paycheck to paycheck. . . So, if we can help people start a new life that brings about freedom to live life to the fullest, do we need to feel guilty about giving a little or paying it forward which will result in transforming, enriching & empowering those lives, including our own life?

Pay it forward can work if we want it to work =) & knowing that it will TEE lives will actually make a difference, won't it? (TEE = Transform Enrich Empower)

Thanks for reading! I can go on and on. . . If you really want to find out how I pay it forward and how you can do the same, read my SIG/Resource Box to join me in this wonderful pay it forward movement that works! Let's TEE lives together! Be a Blessing!

Patrick Chan who has been making money online since 2002 is willing to help anyone who wants to finally succeed in every aspect of life. He will Pay It Forward to help you! Will you do the same?


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