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I've been in education my entire life. I'm the daughter of a retired teacher and coach. I married the son of a retired teacher and coach. My husband is a physical education instructor and college baseball coach. And I'm an associate professor and college counselor. It's not surprising that my perceptions of and relationship with money is a bit skewed.

In the world of education, we do not learn about money. And there is a simple reason for this: we are not taught anything about money. . . at least directly.

Although, we actually are taught many things about money in an indirect way. We're taught we must work hard for money. We're taught that “good jobs" equate to “good money. " We're taught rich people are fortunate. And many of us are taught that money is the root of all evil.

So it's no surprise that many of us are conflicted - to say the least - about money.

The bottom line is that we don't want money. . . we want what money represents. Money is a tool. For me, I want money to have a wonderful home, transportation I can count on, the ability to provide for our wonderful boys and cocker spaniel, and for FUN.

What I've realized over the last several years, however, is what I most want is FREEDOM. I want to work when I want, where I want, and at the level of intensity I want.

You're probably reading this, and thinking, “Yeah. . . you're not telling me anything new; I want all that, too. "

So the big question is HOW do I get freedom? How can I earn money in a way that will pay the bills and then some, and still have the time to enjoy what I want to enjoy?

Here's when we tend to make mistakes. When we finally decide to make a change, we're desperate. Many of us want to rush into things that we don't know that much about, and have no intention of researching. After all, research is time-intensive; that's what we're trying to get away from, right? The last thing we want to do is add a second job onto the one from which we want more vacation time.

So, again, what do we do?

Well I can't say what's good for everyone, but what I've done is to spent some time researching home based internet businesses (about ten hours), and spent some time setting up my internet business (about ten hours), and now I'm already seeing the fruits of my labor.

I was a naysayer for years. I heard the familiar voices in my head saying things like: “If it sounds too good to be true, it is. " “You're just throwing your money away. " “Who do you think you are?"

Ultimately, I made a decision. I'm worth the risk. And I'm glad I made the plunge.

If you'd like to start having financial freedom on your terms, recognize that it will require some money, and some time, but it's worth it.

Stacy Kirch is happily married and the mother of two beautiful boys. She resides in Tustin, California and is looking forward to “retiring" at the age of 45. In retirement, she plans to open a dream foundation for the “common man, " be a great soccer, baseball, basketball, and hockey mom, and volunteer at CHOC hospital.

Visit and start making your dreams come true. You're worth it!


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