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Are You Profiting From O.P.P.?

Sue And Chuck DeFiore

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Are you profiting from O. P. P. ? If not, why not?

We know many of you have the desire and dream of running your own home-based business. But, like so many people, you're not sure where or how to start.

You're not sure what type of business you should look for. You're not sure if you could do it.

You're not sure if you really can achieve the financial freedom you want for yourself and your family.

You're confused by all the get rich quick scams you see all around you. You can't pick up a newspaper or get on the web without falling over an ad telling you that yes, you too, can be a millionaire by next Tuesday if you just buy my Secret Formula.

You'd happily make the investment of time, money and energy, if only you could find a business that was legitimate. You're smart enough to know that any business worth having takes effort and requires time to grow.

But what to do?

Well, let us ask again. Are you profiting from O. P. P. ? If not, why not?

What would you do if you found a business that:

* could generate multiple streams of income

* would work in any area of the country

* could be worked both in your local area and nationally

* could be worked both on and off the web

* and, can be started either in your spare time or part time

Would you possibly think you should take a serious look at this business?

We'll ask one more time. Are you profiting from O. P. P. ? If not, why not?

OK, we know you really can't answer this question yet. Why, because we haven't told you what O. P. P. is.

We can tell you the business we described above is real and it revolves around the O. P. P. principle.

We can hear you now, enough already. What is O. P. P. ?

Very simply put, O. P. P. is Other Peoples Products.

Yes, you can build a great business and make a wonderful income, all from your home office, using Other Peoples Products.

And no, we are not suggesting you break into your neighborhood merchant, steal their inventory and sell it.

What we are talking about is a wonderful business that allows you to generate immediate cash flow and build for your future. Simply put, it is the business of being a rep or distributor for other companies. Companies who have done the hard work of developing products, marketing materials, advertising, etc. All work you can take advantage of with your own business.

There are many companies offering different affiliate or distributor opportunities to those who would like to operate a home-based business. Every year, thousands of people get started building for the future by becoming distributors or affiliates. Look around at the various sites on the web and see for yourself.

Becoming a distributor or affiliate gives you the ability to reach your financial freedom, with O. P. P. , Other Peoples Products. All it takes is the desire to succeed and some time investment on your part.

What are the benefits to the business owner?

* Little start-up capital needed in most cases.

* Little or no credit needed. You are selling their products so your credit isn't usually a factor.

* Business can be started simply, no major equipment to buy, unless you don't have the basics already.

* Business can be operated full time, part time or in your spare time.

* Best of all, the business can be operated from your own home office

As you can see, becoming an affiliate or distributor comes very close to being the Perfect Home-Based Business.

Don't you think you owe it to yourself to explore the potential of O. P. P.

What are you waiting for?

The next article in the series will cover the difference between a distributor and a representative. And the last article of the three will give you a realistic idea of what we think you can earn.

Copyright 2007, DeFiore Enterprises

We offer Solutions for the Home Based Entrepreneur. We've been helping folks start successful home based businesses for over 22 years, so we know we can help you too. Come see how we can help you operate a successful home based business as a rep or distributor for special interest, nostalgic and historic vintage DVDs:


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