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How to Make a Fortune with Expired Domain Names


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Would you like to know where millionaires like Richard Rosenblatt, the former owner of MySpace are currently investing their money? Well, he’s investing millions of dollars into domain investing. There is a way that you can make money too, with expired domain names!

Business 2.0 magazine reported that domain investing is creating a new class of millionaires who are making as much as $20,000,000 per year in passive income from simple domain investing.

The field of domain investing is a fairly new one which is just ready to explode with profits. The web has become the new real estate boom. Instead of investing in condos and flipping old houses, people are investing in expired domain names.

So what exactly is an “expired domain name?” When someone buys a domain name, and doesn't renew it for some reason, it becomes an expired domain name. And each day, somewhere between 15,000 and 75,000 domain names fall into the category of expired domain names.

What makes some of these expired domain names so valuable? Well, some have a lot of traffic directed to them already. Some people spent time building a website, and directing taffic to it and then just gave up on it or went on to something new. When the original person doesn’t renew the domain name, it becomes an expired domain name and anyone can buy it.

So how can you make money with someone else’s expired domain name? Well, there are many ways.

My favorite way is the easiest and simplest and this is where I’m starting. Right now, when a domain name has expired, the parking company “parks” the domain. They put ads on it. When someone goes to that domain and clicks on an ad, they make money. Now if YOU own that domain name, and register it with a parking company, which is free, by the way, YOU can get those checks when someone clicks on one of those ads. It’s really that simple to start a residual income. Those checks will continue to come in month after month as long as you own that domain name.

Another way you can profit is to resell expired domain names, the same way that you would resell real estate. For example, the highest reported domain sale in 2006 was $7,500,000 for sold for $100,000. So you can purchase expired domain names and resell them for profit.

Here’s another idea. Suppose you have a business selling jewelry, for example. You can purchase expired domain names with the same keywords and then point the visitors from that old website to your new website. Instant traffic!

These are just a few ways that you can make money with expired domain names.

So now you’re wondering how to get into this business. Well until now, it has been a closely guarded secret. This closely-knit group had refused to share their secrets with anyone. But recently, one generous millionaire has broken the “code of silence" to reveal the secret methods used by a fortunate few domain profiteers to rake in millions of dollars.

He shows you all the tricks of the trade and how you can easily get started in this very lucrative home business. He has even developed software, which can help you sort through all the expired domain names and find the ones you want. Now, you can do all this research yourself or you can take a look at his ideas.

You, too, could be on your way to making a residual income with expired domain names in no time at all!

Dorothea Carney has been a teacher for many years and an entrepreneur forever. When she discovers a fantastic product, she loves to share it with the world! Visit:


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