Envelope Stuffing Work From Home Is Facing Danger

Jack Lan

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Believe it or not there are still thousands of people who make a living by stuffing envelopes from home. There are many advertisements that claim people can make over a thousand dollars a month working from home. The only thing the homemaker has to do is stuff envelopes for different companies. The rate per envelope varies as some companies advertise up to $12 per envelope and others only $3 per envelope. People can sign up for these offers either through the mail, by phone or through the internet. When one does an internet search on “Envelope Stuffing Work From Home” dozens upon dozens of sites pop up. It seems though these kind of work at home businesses are in a decline. More and more people are leaning towards their own home-based internet business.

Home-based internet businesses offer many advantages such as a low starting investment, self-employment, cash in a short time, part-time or full-time work. Jack Lan specializes in helping people work from home by using the internet. Lan is a part of Success University which was formed by the collaboration of works from more than fifty of the world’s top authors, speakers and educators. The strategies that Lan proposes teach an individual to earn $2000 in the first ninety days of the program. Lan says, “I cannot control what you think and what you will do. But I am sure, that if you have the right desire and positive attitude, this will be the last internet business, last work from home opportunity, last doubt you will need to try, because this is one-hundred percent workable for anyone, in anywhere in the world, as long as you have a computer with internet access. ”

Most people have a home computer and internet access. This is what makes a home-based internet business compatible to every type of lifestyle. Plus by following the keys to success given to the students of Success University one will improve their relationships, financial status, health and physical well being, spiritual growth and skills in sales and marketing. This is a growing market that opens many users’ eyes to a new and revolutionary way to earn money. One does not even have to leave their home in order to receive a paycheck. What could be easier?

One personal testimony includes Tony Michael, a college student studying International Business. Tony was introduced to direct marketing and within one year he was earning more money from his home-based business than his college professors. Tony says that he “was honored and excited when my good friend Matt Morris asked me to join Success University. I believe one-hundred percent in the mission of this company and I look forward to contributing to its direction and development. ”

One can locate Success University at www.sgsuccess.com. With programs like this it is easy to see how “Envelope Stuffing Work From Home” has become a dinosaur in the home-based business market. People have been turning to the internet for information, dating and now as a successful outlet for their own home-based business. This is a growing trend and a money maker that keeps on soaring upwards.

Jack Lan is a Singaporean specializing in internet marketing and has help many people around the world to start an online business and work at home. He has his own training team and has a mission to help 2000 people to earned an average monthly income of $2500 from internet just by working from home.

Visit his website and blog at http://www.sgsuccess.com


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Here Is The Truth About Legitimate Envelope Stuffing Jobs, Take It Or Leave It
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