Plan Your Time and Get Your Life Back

SK Wong

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What ever your reasons or excuses are for not starting your Online Business, is not really important to many who have enjoyed financial freedom and who have earn a decent income from the Internet. Most excuses when probe further, do not hold water, so to speak.

Many said they have NO TIME to start a Home Based Business!

The number one excuse for most people who did not do anything to improve their life is NO TIME!

This not only apply to starting an online business, it also applies to exercise to improve their health, reading and improve their knowledge and expand your mind, invest some quality time with your family to improve your relationship and learning some skill or starting some part time business to increase your wealth.

If NO TIME is your excuses, this might give you a jolt of life!

The late Norman Vincent Pearle once said, “The only people who has no time is laying six feet underground. ” According to him, if a person said that he had NO TIME. He is literally no having a life any more. And he would send his condolences for the poor guy who is living but not having a life. There is a vast difference between merely living and having a life. Many people is merely making a living without having a life.

People who know the different between making a living and having a life always seem to have ample time to enjoy doing the things they like, travel to places they want, having time with their family and enjoying life.

If you still maintaining that you have no time to start doing anything to improve your life, perhaps, this story might help. An old lady had enrolled into an undergraduate degree for which she had missed out during her younger day. Her son was trying every means to discourage his mother for doing so, as she enrolled together with her youngest son in the same school.

Feeling embarrass, he finally said to his mother, “Mother, why do you want to study again at your age, you will be 60 years old when you graduated 4 years from now!” The old lady calmly looked at her son and said, “Son. 4 years from now, I will still be 60 years old with or without the degree. ”

So whatever age you are now, 30, 40, 50 or even 60. if you are contented in working 40, 50 or even 60 hours every week for the next 5, 10, 20 years, it is your “life”. Your choice and your call, no one will blame you.

But; just but, what if you use your spare hour to starting your business and can lead you to Financial Freedom?

Ask yourself this question. . . Do You Feel You Can improve your life style with an hour a day learning a new skill to start an online business?

And if you want something badly enough, you will ALWAYS find a way to find enough time to make it happen, starting from today, get your life back.

Author Note: This is article 2 on series of articles on Get Your Life Back! For Part 2a with work solution, please visit enlightening Your eBusiness Direction a blog that share the resources and information on making extra income on Internet.

SK Wong is a Charter Marketer with a MBA in Finance providing Marketing and Risk Management training and services to his local business community. He is also Certified Member Trainer and a Senate Member of Junior Chamber International. He has conducted numerous training seminars on Motivational, Goal setting, Leadership Development and Management Effectiveness. For more business and personal development ideas, visit his enlightening Your eBusiness Direction a blog that share the resources and information on personal development, small and home business marketing tips and making extra income on Internet. He is also the web master of and Internet Marketing Strategy providing FREE resources, tools and strategies to assist small and home based business to start their online business


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Time Management Skills - 5 Essentials to Power-Plan How You Use Your Time
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