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The Four Laws of Success


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The 4-Laws of Creation

Few people realise or understand that there are laws of the Universe that are just as powerful, or perhaps even more powerful than gravity. In fact, during their first primal activation, they were the first cause of how everything was created and came into existence.

The following 4-Laws are the creation laws of the Universe. And, they are the laws linked directly to your mind (which is your spiritual self or Inner being). It is your mind that connects to and instructs these laws to create all your life experiences, whether good or bad! Your thoughts are an energy that activates and attracts all your desires and goals into existence in your life experience.

This brief overview provides a working knowledge of how you can use these laws to Create whatever you want in your life's experience. They are the means to your abundant financial wealth if you will only apply them. And they work for everyone, every time, guaranteed, if people only understood how to use them. Electricity was discovered and people learnt how to use it to power our world. And once you understand how the 4-Laws work you will quickly become financially independent.

At the end of this article I have provided the three source books of knowledge of how to use these laws. It took me 40 years of searching to discover the answers to the most important knowledge of all time. I urge you, before you do another thing in this life, get all three of these books. But even one, called ‘The Secret, will change your life forever, guaranteed. No other motivational book or author has come close to explaining the most important information for humankind, ever. You now have the chance to go to the source of all knowledge. I suggest you read one or all of these books before you do anything else. Because once you know this knowledge you can apply it immediately to achieving total success in everything you want to do. These 4 – Laws will become very valuable in achieving your Success University goals. They have the power to provide you with unlimited financial wealth. You are what you think about. You have power of the Mind over Matter


1. Law of Attraction.

2. The Law of Creation (The Science of Deliberate Creation)

3. The Art of Allowing.

4. Segment Intending Process.

5. Inner Being

The Law of Attraction states: That which is like unto itself, is drawn.

When you think about something that pleases you or is something you desire, by the Law of Attraction, other thoughts that are similar to it will begin to come forth. As your thought is focussed and given attention more regularly, this thought grows larger and larger. And as this thought grows larger, it is gaining momentum and is gaining power. Therefore, you must only focus on thoughts that please you. Because if you focus and give attention to thoughts that do not please you, which give you a bad feeling, then that is what you will attract to you, which are bad outcomes.

The Law of Creation (The Science of deliberate Creation) states :

That which I give thought to, I begin to attract. That which I give thought to that brings forth strong emotion, I attract more quickly. And once I have launched a thought powerfully by giving thought that evokes Emotion, then, as I Expect that which I have thought about – I get it.

This law provides the means whereby you create on purpose. The Law of Creation goes to work upon whatever you are thinking about. It works in two parts.

1. The launching of your thought or goal or desire.
2. The Expectation of the thought, or belief or goal or desire being manifested, and allowing of the creation.

Part 1.
You don't jump into action to get the things you want, but instead you use your mind to think your desires into being; see them, visualise them, write them down in your creation journal.

Part 2.
The second part of the equation states you must let go, stand back and Expect your goals or desires to be manifested – and they will be. Your job is now finished. It is now up to the Law of Attraction to materialise your desires and deliver the ‘goods’ to you. Only when the Law of Attraction delivers the goods can you begin to jump into action and work with what has been delivered to you. If you jump in too soon before manifestation takes place everything disintegrates and becomes a huge problem to you.

When you have given thought to something and are now expecting it or believing that it will be manifested, you are now in the perfect position to receive the subject of your thought. That is why you get what you think about, whether you want it or not. Your thoughts are powerful, attractive magnets – attracting one thought to another. Thoughts attract themselves, and you attract thoughts by giving your attention to them.

The Art of Allowing

The application of this law requires you be consciously aware of the way you feel so that you choose the direction of your thoughts. The Art of Allowing allows others to do things and use their thought processes according to their own inclinations, whether enlightened or not. You let them do things their own way whether it seems good or bad. In effect, because you are vibrating at a higher enlightened level you simply allow everything to take place without being concerned about what others think and do. You are unique and you do your own thing in your own way.

Segment Intending Process:

This is the process of stopping many times during the day to identify what it is you want most so that you may add emphasis and focus on what you want to manifest in your next immediate future segment. – and therefore add power to that desire. This process uses the Law of Attraction to continually bring good outcomes into your life, segment-by-segment, throughout the day.

The Inner Being

Your Inner Being is your spirit being, which is the greater part of you in your non-physical form that exists to guide you and communicate with you. The communication takes many different forms. It may come in the form of clear, vivid thought – even an audible spoken word at times – but in all cases, it comes to you in the form of Emotion.

There are two Emotions:
1. One feels good
2. One feels bad.

Good Feeling
1. There is an agreement between your Inner Being and your physical self that the feeling that feels good would be offered when you are thinking, speaking, or doing that which is in harmony with what you want.

Bad Feeling
It was also agreed that a feeling that feels bad would be offered when you are speaking, thinking, or acting in a direction that is not in harmony with your intentions. This is your warning signal to change your thoughts to something better.

Simply be sensitive to the way you feel. Anytime you feel negative emotion, recognise you are miscreating, and attracting bad unwanted experiences. Creation is the process of attraction; when you think a thought, you attract the subject of your thought.

The Creation Process

The Steps to Manifesting your Goals.

  • When you give birth to a new desire, a vibration emanates from you (called a Rocket of Desire), and your Inner Being (Your Source Energy) begins to immediately respond to your request.

  • When your Inner Being receives your request, it develops an immediate keen awareness of your Rocket of Desire, and turns its undivided attention towards the desire to which you have just given birth.

  • Your Inner Being instantly becomes a Vibrational Match to your new desire.

  • However, at this stage you are not yet a perfect vibrational match to your new desire because your desire is born from contrast, which means you still have a mix of differing vibrations where your inner voice may say to you something like ‘this idea is not possible’ or ‘it can't be done’. These negative vibrations must be stopped by ignoring them and changing your vibrational alignment with positive good feeling thoughts. If they are not overcome, the Law of Attraction will lock on to these negative thoughts and will give you that instead of what you really want.

  • Because you have a mix of vibrations this means there is an immediate discrepancy in the vibration of your Inner Being (who immediately aligned with your new desire), and your personal physical perspective. Your job is now to re-align your vibrations with Source.

  • To remedy this, your work is now to activate within your vibration only those aspects that match your new desire. This is achieved by using your Emotional Guidance System, for it is your emotions that are your indicators of vibrational alignment, or discord.

  • You now have to practice yourself into vibrational alignment with your new desire before it will be realised and manifest in your life experience.

  • The way to Balance your Energy Vibrations between you and your Inner Being and the Law of Attraction is by using the Emotional Guidance Scale, which is:

    + Emotional Guidance Scale – (POSITIVE EMOTIONS - Good Feelings)
    1. Joy / knowledge / empowerment / freedom / love / appreciation.
    2. Passion
    3. Enthusiasm / Eagerness / Happiness
    4. Positive Expectation / Belief.
    5. Optimism
    6. Hopefulness
    7. Contentment

    _ Emotional Guidance Scale (NEGATIVE EMOTIONS – Bad Feelings)

    8. Boredom

    9. Pessimism

    10. Frustration / Irritation / Impatience

    11. Overwhelment

    12. Disappointment

    13. Doubt

    14. Worry

    15. Blame

    16. Discouragement

    17. Anger

    18. Revenge

    19. Hatred / Rage

    20. Jealousy

    21. Insecurity / Guilt / Unworthiness

    22. Fear / Grief / Depression / Despair / Powerlessness.

    You achieve your best vibrational match by using one or more of the Alignment Processes, which helps find your best match by feeling your way to your best vibrational alignment with your Inner Being. Your aim is to feel no restriction and achieve a feeling of relief about what you want in regards to your new desire. Some of the Alignment Processes I use are as follows:

    - The Creative Workshop Process

    - Turning it over to the Manager Process

    - The Wouldn't it be Nice if … Process

    - The Segment Intending Process (Already explained in the 4 – laws)

    Using one or more of these processes brings you into focus and creates a perfect vibrational match with your desires, your Inner Being and the Law of Attraction.

    The Creative Workshop Process Purchase an A4 notebook and Title this book ‘My Creative Workshop Journal’. In this book you will write down all your wants, desires and goals. At the top of Page One write down the date and on the next line write: ‘This is my desire in regards to …’ and complete the sentence with what you want to see come into your life. I wrote in my journal: ‘ This is my desire regarding receiving unlimited financial wealth’. You then fill in the page with the reasons you want to receive unlimited financial wealth, such as:

  • Because I can now buy a new house with six bedrooms … (etc, etc)
  • Because I can now buy a new Ferrari car with internal trims of … (etc, etc)

    The Law of Attraction will begin to re-align people and events to bring these desires into your life experiences. It takes the universe a bit of time to manipulate these events but be assured they are on the way. It may be days, or weeks but conditions will begin changing in your life.

    Turning it over to the Manager process
    You have a Universal Manager that fulfils your every desire. You can trust this Manager implicitly who controls The Law of Attraction. On a new page in your creation journal write at the top of the page just below the date:

    To My Universe Manager,

  • I want to receive $10,000 dollars, in unexpected income, in the next 30 days.
  • I want to receive large numbers of prospects contacting me within the next 10 days.
  • Etc, etc.

    The Wouldn't It Be Nice if … process
    At the top of a new page in your journal write:

  • Wouldn't it be nice if … the neighbour's dog would stop its continuous barking?
  • Wouldn't it be nice if … I can now find and pay for the perfect house for us?
  • Etc, etc.

    In each of these processes imagine actually doing the things you are asking for, such as taking possession of your new house or car. Or receiving and opening the $10,000 cheque that just came in your mailbox. Always imagine the end result and feel the enjoyment of receiving what you have asked for.

    Some requests take longer than others to arrive in your life. It all depends on how much you feel when you imagine receiving your desire and on not allowing your small voice in the back of your mind saying negative things like, ‘I don't think it is possible’. Because that is what you will get, as the Law of Attraction will latch on to that final request and bring you failure. Immediately turn your mind to the positive desire and keep repeating that desire until your inner mind accepts it.

    The 3 most important books you will ever read can be ordered and purchased from most large bookstores. However if you can't find a copy go here:

  • ‘The Secret’ (just released) by Rhonda Byrne www.thesecret. tv

  • ‘Ask and It's Given’ by Ester Hicks
  • ‘The Law of Attraction’ by Ester Hicks

    Also on Google look up these subjects;

  • Teachings of Abraham
  • Abraham / Hicks books
  • The Law of Attraction (look under Amazon Books)

    About the Author:
    To find the best home based business ideas and opportunities so you can work at home visit: -

    John Duffey, Helping people access knowledge about how to make money on the internet safely. He has a website dedicated to helping people new to the internet.

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