Who Said Make Money At Home On The Internet Can Be Quick And Easy?


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When someone try to promote their products or programs and mention that you (the target) can quickly and easily make money on the internet with this, I do not think this is the truth. Make money over the internet is not a easy work. My conclusion based on my own personal experience.

From the past 5 years, I have tried so many times to setup a home base internet business but frustrated, I always failed. I lost lots of money on e-books, software, subscription fees, but I still could not make any money, not a single cent (actually, I made a few bucks with Google Ad sense). So what had I done wrong?

When I started out with my first home base internet business, I was taken up an offer of having my own website build within 24 hours which was ready to earn residential incomes and maximize profits with 5 others affiliate programs. To be honest, my first website was cool. However, my credit card started to feel pain. My first payment was to buy a domain name and a hosting account. Then, by following what we called step-by-step instructions, I began my quest by joining affiliate programs (I have to pay to become a member by some of them).

Then, I needed to join and opened an account to have an auto responder. Again, I have to pay an upgrading fee. Then, the next instruction was buying leads to generate an opt-in list. Next, I needed to advertise to Google ad words and several pay-per-click programs. Next, I needed to buy software to submit my e-zine and article.

Next, and next, there were so many things to pay for, and I still had not made any money yet. My credit card was burning with a big hole in it. Make money over internet was not easy as I thought anymore. The only thing I saw was the website which was built quickly, but I only made other webmasters money, not the other way around. It was a good experience though.

Here came my second attempt. I decided to build my own website. It took me more than a month to learn some basis HTML, and gathered enough resources and content for my website. Learning from the last experience, I tried to reduce the start-up cost as low as possible (it's better if I do not have to pay anything). And I had my own website personally built published to the whole world. I felt proud of my self. I thought: “Now, I am ready to make big buck!"

Two weeks later, I still had not received any notice that I got payments yet. I wondered what was going on. I checked my website status and saw only a few people visited my website, about 20 or 30 a day. “What is happening? Why don't people come to see my art of work?” The website was beautiful. The content was deep, but still no one was coming. I went to a forum and posted a question. Then, I understood. I needed to build up traffic to my website. Even if I have a website, but if I do nothing, then no one will know about it.

There, I again learned a new thing. From here, I am not going to continue with my tedious internet business history. However, from those experiences, I started to understand that making money at home on the internet surely is not easy. There are so many new things to learn, many things you need to know before commencing any type of home based internet business. If you are not fully prepare, your chance of success will be very low. You are just wasting your times and money.

Nevertheless, the internet is a gold mine. I believe that if I keep trying, one day I will be success. But please believe me, even though you can quickly setup a home base internet business with any niche interest to you, however hardly there are any internet home base business opportunities which can really make you money over internet easy. That is right, the process of making money may be simple to follow, but it may not be enough to make you money over the internet. Sometimes, you need to exercise your common sense, patience, stay focus, trying for yourself, learning from mistakes. The ultimate goal is to earn our shares with this gold mine - make money at home on the internet.



Internet Home Base Business Opportunity

TLe had been involved in internet marketing business for more than 5 years. There was lots of up and down during this challenging times. However, due to experience lots of failure, TLe was able to learn so many things which is necessary for being success with internet business. MakeMoneyGuarantee.com recommends the best online business opportunity which could help online opportunity seekers to become success on the internet.


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