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Planes, Trains, And Automobiles

When most of us think of global businesses we typically get an image of highly paid, well dressed executives glancing at expensive watches as they move from the airport to the boardroom. It is a common scenario. As corporations grow they push into more distant markets ultimately hoping to increase the bottom line.

But it is not the only scenario. Global marketing has increasingly taken on a quieter form. The executives are not so well dressed. They sometimes do business in their pajamas. They may have expensive watches but they don’t have to look at them so often. And instead of rushing from airports to boardrooms they stroll from the living room to the kitchen.

The World At Your Door Step

There is an old saying I have used myself quiet often. It goes like this: “It’s a small world but I wouldn’t want to paint it. " The geographic world has not shrunk. But the world of communication has… and with it the world of business.

In days of old a king would not know whether he won or lost a battle until a runner arrived with the news. Today we watch the battle unfold on television. We no longer wait for the Pony Express to bring word from the folks back east. We shoot off an email to a distant country. Electronic communication has brought the world to your doorstep.

Why Not Go Global?

Why has the nature of communication changed the world of business? The answer is obvious. Business depends on the transfer of information to thrive. The world of information touches every area of our lives.

This leads me to another question. Don’t answer this one too quickly. Think about it… ponder it. Here it is…

Why not take advantage of the information revolution and build a global business?

Here are a few answers:

  • I love my job and I don’t want to think of anything else.
  • I make too much money already.
  • I don’t know what I would do with a flexible schedule.
  • I would miss rush hour traffic.

I am sure you have a few more answers.

The fact is an increasing number of people are building successful global businesses with none of the trappings of corporate life. These are intelligent, resourceful, passionate… ordinary people.

That’s right. They are ordinary people. That is what excites me. I am pretty ordinary. But these ordinary people have something the world wants.

Give The World What It Wants

What is the world after? Peace and the end of global warming. But after these the world wants information. In fact it is ravenous for it. Everybody wants it. I want it. You want it. Perhaps that is why you are reading this article. You want to know something.

Here is the great news for you. You have information that the world wants. Yes… you do. Not everyone in the world wants it. Maybe no one in your neighborhood wants it. But there is a significant population that does want it. Where are these information starved people? They are scattered across this great globe of ours.

Your knowledge, your experiences, your loves and passions can be turned into information a significant number of people would love to have. In fact with some work you could carve out an information niche that you own.

I did say work. You will have to work at it. But it is fun work. It is work that flows from your loves, your knowledge, and your passions.

Where Do I Put It?

With some work you can identify an information niche that would be beneficial to many thousands of people all over the world. What do you with it? Put it where everybody already is. Put it where you spend your time. Put it on the internet.

How do you do that? You build a niche focused website full of the information people are seeking. Give people what they want in an environment we are all used to. The internet is where we go for information. Be there.

Think about it. You can create a global market from your kitchen table. All you need is the right plan and some determination.

Fuzzy slippers are optional.

Greg’s website is committed to helping ordinary people build successful web businesses. The internet provides great opportunities to those who desire to turn their passions into profitable niche websites.


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Kitchen Tables - They've Come a Long Way
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