Starting a Home Based Business for the Beginner

Nancy Kraska

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You have seen and read about the many opportunities on the Internet and have decided you want to take part in the Internet Boom! Well, why not? I am sure someone once said to Bill Gates that his idea for a “computer” was nonsense. He didn’t give up, why should you!

So let us start with the basics. Once you have decided to work from home, you should spend some time in laying the groundwork. You need to decide which home business would interest you and what type of business would be the most realistic for you given your current financial situation. My very first home-based business was SFI (Strong Future International), I worked it for two years, and although they have excellent training and support, I really struggled. It wasn’t until I found Top Online Profits that the whole home business idea started to take shape. This is an ideal program for someone like me who had no previous experience with building and marketing a website.

Whatever you do…don’t make the mistake so many make of rushing into the first work at home opportunity that promises huge profits for very little effort. These “opportunities” never deliver what they promise. If you want to earn a good income online you have to earn it, like any other business. No one online makes a huge profit overnight; it takes work, determination, and a small investment. After all this is a business. Pick something you will enjoy doing, try and match your interest with that of the company you are sponsoring. If you don’t enjoy your work, it will cease to be fun, and you won’t earn money.

A work at home person is no different than someone who works in an office. We work because we need money. We have to earn it. The great thing about working from home is that you are the boss; you keep all of the profits from your company.

Of course with all this freedom to work when you want, also comes the responsibility. If the profits don’t come in, you have no one to blame. So start out the right way and your business plan will most likely stay on track for you. Start by creating good working habits at the beginning and you won’t have to go back later and try to break the bad habits. Spend a little time each day, working on your home business, and leave some time for you and your family. After all this is why you want to work from home.

Make a plan, write it out, and keep it in front of you at the computer. Of course all plans can change if it isn’t working the way you want, but stick as close to the original as you can. You want to stick as close to your original plan as you can. The best thing you can do as you start your new venture is to prepare, research, and have a business plan. I have a large sign in front of me every time I sit down at my computer. It says, “I AM THE BOSS!”

And the last thing I would like to mention is your browser. You will be spending a lot of time on the Internet so you need a good browser. Internet Explorer, although a very good browser, is more prone to viruses, trojans, spyware, adware, and popups. The last three will not do serious damage to your computer, but they will slow it done. I have always used Mozilla Firefox, there are others like Crazy Browser, and Opera, but I have never used them. My experience with Mozilla Firefox is a personal preference. I also have never had trouble with popups, or spyware. With Firefox I can have as many sites opened at one time, as I need to work. With just a click of the mouse I can go back and forth between windows. It makes it very easy when I am checking my stats, or advertising.

Nancy Kraska


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What to do When Starting a Home-Based Business
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