How Secure Are You?

Joshua S White

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The idea of the “American Dream" has changed significantly over the last few decades. The age old “land of opportunity" has morphed into “give me security". People raised in this country have begun to take for granted the true opportunities that still exist, and choose to find comfort and alleged security with their careers. They still have a dream of prosperity, but feel that they simply deserve it with out taking the significant risks involved in having true prosperity.

The middle class ideal is the cush corporate job with all the perks. We want 40 hour work weeks with 4 weeks of vacation. Throw in a 401k and health insurance to give us the feeling that our future will be safe. How safe is it? Reality is that corporations are subject to the almighty dollar. A few bad quarters, a few bad decisions by some one above you and all of the sudden, you are expendable. The illusion they gave you when you took the job can end at any time by the whim of people in “Ivory Towers". As an employee of a Fortune 500 company, I have now found myself in this position. A job I felt would carry me to the “Happy Golfing" years, has melted in front of my eyes before I turned 35.

What is true security? Does it exist in today's society? If your honest with yourself, you will discover that nothing is secure in this world. Every decision we make can have negative consequences. Any idea that leads to prosperity involves an amount of risk. I hear Americans complain about being stagnant and under paid, yet they will not put anything at risk to break out into the opportunities that pass them every day. We want it to fall into our laps and even worse, we feel some how we deserve it to.

Our country has not lost its “Dream". In fact the opportunities are more numerous than ever. A quick search of the internet, newspapers, and advertising will reveal a world of possibilities to start your own business and find your own security. The problem? It takes an amount of risk. The solution? Every day is a risk. Why not put yourself in a situation that will produce true prosperity? I encourage you to expand your horizons into the world of ideas. Let your ideas and skills bring you what you are truly worth. Do not let others place your worth upon you.

Josh White is currently a Training Specialist for a global Fortune 500 company. He is also a home business consultant and trainer at

He is a part of a team of coaches that help families find the home business opportunity that's right for them. Family Business Tips helps families with Free Live Teleseminars, Newsletters, and Articles.


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