5 New Ways People are Making Money Online in the 21st Century


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There are loads of articles out there (some written by me) telling you how to make money with Affiliates, PPC ads, ebay etc. These methods are still valid but have been around for several years.

This article brings you bang up to date with the latest way people are making money online. All excellent examples of how the Internet has opened up multiple ways of wealth creation.

Selling your Digital Pictures

If you’ve got a digital camera and an eye for a good picture you can make money by uploading your creations to stock photography sites. These sites are frequented by businesses that can’t afford to hire a photographer and will download photos from these sites according to their needs. If they choose one of your photos you will be paid a commission. One photo can bring you multiple commissions so the money can soon start adding up.

Stock Photography sites should allow you to upload your photographs for free so there is no financial risk. Most good sites will have a most popular page so you can see what sort of photographs people are looking for.

A good stock photography website to start at is istockphoto

Lending your Spare Cash.

If you have some spare money you can lend it to people who are looking for a loan using websites that act as a lending and borrowing exchange. It basically puts people who want to borrow money together with people who have money to lend (peer-to-peer lending). The borrowers get better rates than they could get from banks and the lenders get better returns than they could from leaving their money in a bank to earn interest.

Take a look at Zopa for more details.

Selling Your Skills to the World.

With more and more online business starting around the world there is a bigger demand for various skills involved in getting such businesses up and going, running and developed.

Technical skills like web design and programming are in high demand but so are the more creative skills such as graphical design and the writing of articles to be used for website content or marketing.

By far the biggest website that brings the demanders and suppliers together is Elance . Check it out you’ll be amazed at the amount of services that are in demand worldwide.

Create a Video People Love.

Following on from the massive success of YouTube loads of copycat websites have sprung up allowing people to upload and share their videos.

Some of these websites will pay the uploader if their video is popular. For example metacafe will pay you $5 for every thousand views a video gets after it reaches 20,000 views.

Looking on their Top Earners page there are four people who have earned over $20,000 and several more over $10,000 just for uploading their home videos on this site. Not a bad little sideline.

Play an Online game

There are millions of people playing massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) across the globe and this number increases every day.

Millions of young Chinese make a living from mining gold in World Of Warcraft. They then sell it onto gamers who don’t have time to do this but want to develop their character as quickly as possible. This will only be worthwhile for those living in countries where the cost of living is much cheaper than the world average as the return in dollars per hour spent is very low by Western standards.

However with the advent of virtual worlds such as Second Life that has a virtual economy with currency that can be traded for real world currency everyone can join in. Second Life has recently spawned its first “real world” millionaire who made their money by trading in Second Life real estate. The opportunities in Second Life are unlimited – check it out it’s free to join.

Every day new opportunities arise on the Internet for making money the hardest thing is deciding which ones are right for you!

Paul Middleton is a successful Internet entrepreneur. He shares some of his secrets on his website where he shows people how you can make money online working from home . Included are details of how to make money in Second Life .


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