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Give Your Customers What They Want

"The customer is always right. "

That isn't news to any of us. But on a practical level it means that if you want to be successful in business you have to keep your customers happy. It isn't rocket science. Happy customers return again and again. The more happy customers you have the more successful your business.

We are all in such a hurry. The days of hanging around the general store are mostly gone. But we do see snapshots of it in the offline world. Perhaps you know of a pastry shop where the owner knows you by name and gives free samples to the kids. Like me, you may know of a restaurant where the waitress calls you honey and hangs around the table for a little visitin’.

I like these places. Most of us do. They add a little humanity back into our lives. They offer something that this customer wants. . . a human touch.

The Online World Is No Different

Actually the online world is very different. It moves even faster than our offline world. But essentially people on the internet are looking for the same thing. We want to find a little humanity. That is not to say that the human touch is the main commodity of the internet. Information is.

Let me say that again. What people are looking for on the internet is information. They are not looking for you or your products and services. They are looking for information. They don't want to be sold. They don't want to be manipulated into buying something that they really don't need. They want information.

But how people find information on the internet can make a great deal of difference.

Provide The Information People Want. . . With A Human Touch

If you had a choice would you rather ask a question of a friend or a stranger? I know it sounds like a silly question. But think about it when you surf the internet. Which websites grab your attention? First they are websites that provide the information you are seeking. But is that enough?

Even on the internet you and I want a human touch. We want to get the right information. But we prefer it from someone we like and trust. We want to talk to an expert who has our best interest at heart. We want to talk to a friend who shares our interests and passions.

What if you built a website like that? What if you were the expert who had your reader's best interest at heart? What if you were the friend sharing your passions and knowledge with a special subset of the human race?

That kind of website is not about you at all. It is not primarily about getting the sale. It is about giving people what they want in an environment they like. It is about anticipating their needs and providing solutions that will better their lives.

Let me know when you build it. I think I would like to visit.

Greg’s website is committed to helping ordinary people build successful web businesses. The internet provides great opportunities to those who desire to turn their passions into profitable niche websites.


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