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Network Marketing – When Considering An Opportunity Look For One That Helps You Build Your Down line

Bob Crane

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Ok, so you’re considering joining a network marketing opportunity to build a residual income for your self and your family. When you decided to join it all sounded great because your sponsor said that help was right there if you should need it and all that you had to do is start contacting people to really build your own down line. Plus, you had heard about so many people building not one, but several huge down lines and you thought that it must not be as hard of a business to work. In fact the same person who told you that they have built several down lines has a CD/DVD set that they will sell you that will tell you exactly what they did to build their down line.

I admit to falling for a few of these offers only to find out that the techniques used by the person in the CD was unique to them and wasn’t something that just anyone could do. My personality didn’t allow me to comfortably act the way that person did naturally so it would be ineffective for me to try. Not to be misleading, I am a believer in network marketing and I also think that it has gotten a bad name from some people luring others into the business by saying how easy it is. It is not easy. It is a business and no business is easy. In network marketing you have to work at building your business by either signing-up new representatives or by selling your companies products it’s that simple.

After speaking to hundreds of people about network marketing I have come to the conclusion that most people feel inadequate about working an opportunity. All they hear about is how someone is making tons of money in network marketing and they have retired from the rat race, etc. While their personal network marketing business languishes, they become discouraged and quit. They not only quit, however, they bad mouth network marketing because they feel ripped off.

I feel their pain and have found to help alleviate it is for people who have felt they have had a bad network marketing experience is to look at again but, this time look closer at the sponsor and how the organization is run. Having been involved in network marketing myself for twelve years I have found the program that works the best for everyone is one that helps everyone build their down line. No, that doesn’t mean that someone else does all of the work for you, but if they are having a good run of sales of enrollees they spread that fortune through the down line.

The best way to do that is to work with a one level pay plan and build the down line deep from left to right all the way down to the maximum number of levels for the particular pay plan. This type of plan will be put in place by an up line leader and will benefit the whole group as they get members placed under them helping them make some money as they learn how to do the business themselves. All programs are different as far as the pay plan goes. Each one has an optimum number wide and deep that works the best. For example, the company that I work with has a pay plan that works best having six people on the front-line and building deep from there. Most companies are from four to six wide much wider that that is unmanageable.

Along with the help to build your down line you would help people who came in after you build their group.

Also, Make sure you find a company with a system in place to acquire new customers and business builders. If you have a working system that everyone can participate in your costs of bring new people into the business will be lower. You will also operate more efficiently with system in place. So if you are working a full-time job it would be easy for you to grow your network marketing business part-time if there were a system in place so you could determine how much time would be required for you to work the network marketing business.

Do your research there are some really great network marketing companies around.

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