Starting a Home Business in the UK


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Starting a Home Business in the UK

FACT: There are literally millions of people in the UK that feel unfulfilled in their job.

Perhaps you are one of them?

Seven Things to Keep in Mind When Starting Home Based Business in the UK

1. Choose Your Products or Services Wisely.

Put simply, you need to sell stuff that people want to buy. You also need to sell stuff that makes you money. Make sure the profit margins are there.

One reason why I love information products so much is because people will always want quality information and be prepared to pay for it.

Example: You might be passionate about 3 Legged, Albino Hamsters from Outer Mongolia. . .

But I very much doubt you will find a viable market for your ‘How to Care For 3 Legged Albino Hamsters From Outer Mongolia’ action guide.

2. Go to Work. When you work from home, there is a great temptation to not treat work seriously. Things like taking too many breaks and stopping to watch Coronation Street can quickly undermine your chances of success.

In my own home based business, I often go out in the morning - even if it is just to grab a newspaper so I can come home and experience the feeling of ‘going to work'

It sounds silly but it works. It helps me get into the right mindset.

3. Use a Daily Planner. This one thing can transform your results from mediocre to spectacular. You will also get far more done in a lot less time.

4. Focus on Marketing. I often tell people who attend my Home Business Seminars, that in business it is not the THING it is the MARKETING of the thing that makes all the difference in the world.

  • I believe that marketing can help you solve just about any problem you face.
  • Do you need an assistant? Marketing can provide the money to hire one.
  • Do you need more equipment? marketing can help you afford it.

WARNING: Unless you focus on marketing, you will always be caught in the trap of working IN your business instead of ON it.

You will never have a business that serves your life. Without marketing, your life will serve your business.

You will be like the proverbial mouse on a wheel - running like crazy but never getting anywhere.

5. Network to Get the Right Resources Sometimes, working from home in the UK can make you feel as if you are living on a desert island - even if you are surrounded by millions of people.

It is easy to become overwhelmed thinking that you have to do everything with little help or input from others.

One way to overcome this feeling is to seek out and join networks of other UK home based business owners.

Ideally, such networks should provide you with access to a wide range of easy-to-use tools and training resources to help you succeed in your business.

This is particularly important in relation to promoting your UK home business on the Internet.

I know from personal experience that the net can be a very lonely place and what a great encouragement it is to meet and network, ask questions and share ideas with other home based business owners in an online community.

6. Never Lose Sight of the Reasons Why. Even the best home based businesses will face their bad days and hard times and it is in moments like these that you might be tempted to quit and go back to working 9-5 for someone else.

When that happens to you, you need to remember the reason why you started a home based business in the first place. I personally have my reasons written out an posted on the wall in my office. I make it a point to remind myself every day why I am doing what I do.

7. Ignore the Internet at Your Peril. In the last seven years, I have made hundreds of thousands of pounds online. Last year alone I was able to travel overseas about 10 times - all because of my Internet business.

Yet my first 12 months online were a stinking nightmare.

The learning curve was enough to make a dictionary feel lost for words.

These days, it is a hundred times easier to succeed online than it was 7 years ago.

HINT: Look again at point number 5.

There are sites that offer action guides, training videos, reports, articles and forums where you can network with other UK home based business owners and cut years of your learning curve.

These seven points are by no means exhaustive but they should give you some food for thought.

Starting your own home based business in the UK is not mission impossible.

You can do it. You can achieve your goals and get that better lifestyle you dream about.

And once you do - trust me you will never look back!

Chris Bloor provides literally hundreds and hundreds of resources to help people start a home business in the UK at his comprehensive UK Home Business Website: where he offers a free 10 day trial membership to existing or potential home business owners.


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