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When it comes to UK home business ideas, opinions are ten a penny.

Here are a 5 proven home based business ideas you might want to consider:

1. Carpet Cleaning. Pick up any copy of Exchange and Mart and you are likely to read offers from people selling carpet and upholstery equipment.

Things to Consider:

Make sure you get liability insurance and do not even think of starting a carpet cleaning business without comprehensive training.

Wintertime. There will be a few months of each year when your work is likely to dry up.

Do your best to make sure you have a mixture of domestic and commercial clients - the commercial ones are more likely to still want their carpets cleaned in winter months.

2. Reprint Rights. Websites like can supply you with ready-to-sell business information products.

Things to Consider:

Make sure that your reprint rights package includes a lot of bonuses. The more bonuses you offer, the more products you will sell.

3. Subscription Websites. A subscription website is one where people pay you a monthly fee to access various downloads.

Things to Consider:

You might want to do a JV (joint venture) with someone who already understands how subscription websites work. Other than that, check out software like a software package specifically designed to help someone create and manage their own subscription based website.

NOTE: I use VisionGatePortal on several of my own membership websites and can highly recommend it.

Things to Consider:

Subscription websites are good because you can make great money with small numbers.

Imagine. . . 500 members paying you nineteen pounds a month!

4. Seminars. Do you have a special skill or knowledge that you can share with others? People will pay a small fortune to attend seminars.

Things to Consider:

If you are not seminar-material yourself, why not consider inviting someone who is to speak and you simply promote the event and take the profit from the attendance fees.

I have spoken at several events like that and each time both parties have made a considerable amount of money.

5. Business or Life Coaching. If you have proven experience in business, you will be pleased to hear that there is a huge market for good business coaching in the UK.

My own coach works from home and has clients all over the world.

Things to Consider:

If you can deliver the goods, business coaching is the perfect UK home business idea. It is both rewarding and exciting to help others reach their business goals.

Chris Bloor provides literally hundreds and hundreds of UK home business ideas at his website: where he offers people a ten day trial membership to help them start a successful home based business


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Home Business Ideas - Four Things You Need To Know To Succeed in Home Business
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