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Avoid Paid Survey Scams Because There Just May be a Hidden Agenda


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Most survey Websites are a pure marketing genius in disguise. The brilliant minds behind them understand that most Internet users will not know how to avoid paid survey scams. Most Website visitors read the sales pitch and believe every word printed on the page. There are many people who would love the opportunity to find something that they can do from home, on their computers; who are vulnerable and are not aware of how they should avoid paid survey scams.

Some of these people are students, moms, retired folk, or unemployed persons; all are looking for an opportunity to make money with little or no real effort demanded of them. That is the lure of paid surveys; quick, easy, very little knowledge or skill needed to participate. Combine that with the lure of easy money and you have a winning scam.

If you were to ask any of these individuals if they knew how to avoid paid survey scams; they very likely would say, yes. No one likes to admit that they are easy prey for scammers. If scams were easy to spot, they would not be the money magnets they are today. Why are marketers interested in running Internet paid survey scam Websites?

They are huge list generating machines. In the Internet world and offline world, lists are big money to those who solicit customers, downlines, or other businesses. It takes a lot of names and contact information to create successful lists. One way to obtain names and contact information is by putting up a Website to attract people into willingly giving up this information.

What attracts people faster than a quick way to make easy money! The lists can be sold usually more than once, and at times many times over to those looking for names for email campaigns, direct mail campaigns, or phone campaigns. There is money to be made in selling these lists.

Another “hidden agenda” for some paid survey Websites, which may become more transparent to the Website Visitor; is the Website that is a database in disguise. The sales pitch will encourage viewers of the huge need for survey takers in the business world.

While it is true that most businesses do from time to time have a need for consumer feedback on a product; most will hire agency’s to do so, or do the survey in-house. What the visitor will actually discover once they fill out the application, paid a fee, and gain entrance to the member’s area, is that they will be looking at a collection or database of companies who pay people to complete surveys.

There are survey sites out there that offer real value to members. They find genuine opportunities and connect interested parties with them. Could you find the information yourself? Maybe, maybe not. Even if you could, it may be a lot more efficient to rely upon a good survey membership program. The trick, however, is differentiating the snake oil salesmen from the “good guys. ” If you team up with a quality survey program, you can make money.

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