Wake Up People! If It Has The Term "Home Based" Attached To It's Probably A Scam!

Trevor Kugler

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Is it possible to work from the comfort of your home and make money? Is iy possible to actually have a home-based business that makes money? The answer to both of these questions is…. OF COURSE! Of course it's possible, but the problem comes in with all of the scam artists out there pushing their misinformation and out right lies. As a person who has been taken many times, let me list some of the things I've learned over the years about these so-called opportunities:

1) If It's All About The Money, Watch Out! - Many of these companies want to stay focused on how much money could be made. The operative word being could. You could make money selling your own feces if you tried hard enough. Just remember this: If my aunt had a package, she'd be my uncle! If all they focus on is how much money could be made…RUN!

If Someone Claims They'll Do All The Work, Watch Out! - This is a new one that I heard recently, and I quote, “You just send out your newsletter and we'll close the sales. " Sounds great huh? It almost sounds too good to be true, right? What did your Mom tell you about things that sound too good to be true? THEY ARE! And this one is no different. When you really think about this one it doesn't even make sense. In other words you would get paid for doing almost nothing??????? RUN!

If You Can't Get Answers To Simple Questions, Watch Out! - Many timers the people hawking these “opportunities" won't give you answers to the simplest questions. If this is the case, I would suggest getting on your horse and making a RUN!

Okay, now that I've giving you a couple of the big signs to look out for let me say again that it is possible to have a home business or work from home and make money. I know it is because I do it. But for a long time I didn't and I'd get sucked in by all of the things mentioned above.

For me the biggest realization was that I finally stopped looking for an opportunity and made one. Did it happen overnight, or even quickly? No, but I kept at it. And why did I keep at it? Not because of money. I kept at it because I was passionate about it and wanted to bring value to the marketplace. We're all passionate about something. It could be sewing, reading, drawing, building, driving, singing, running, or whatever, it doesn't matter. We all have something that has been with us for as long as we can remember. Take that and fashion your home business opportunity around it. Stop looking for a home based opportunity and make one!

Trevor Kugler - Co-founder of JRWfishing.com

Trevor has more than 20 years of fishing experience, and raises his three year old daughter in the heart of trout fishing country. . . . Montana.

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