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Whenever someone is searching the internet for ways to make money one of the things they type in is fast and quick ways to make money. This tells you a little bit about their state of mind doesn't it. Fast and quick ways to make money are hard to come by. Here's why.

If you really need to make money and you need it right away then you probably do not have much money to get started. Making money on the internet is all about traffic. If you do not have visitors coming to your site you are not going to sell anything. No sales means no money for you.

The only way I know to get traffic right away is pay per click advertising. By right away I mean today or tomorrow. Google Adwords is very popular for this. There are many other pay per click search engines that will let you buy traffic from them and pay for it by the click. If you do not have some money this will not work for you.

Also consider this. Do you have the skills to quickly make money online? This is not rocket science, but it does take knowledge to do it right. How can you quickly make money fast if you do not know how to do it!

So here is what happens. Everyone starts looking for the magic formula. This is why the word secrets is so powerful. It implies that there is something no one else knows and you can find it out. When you add the words instant access you have a very powerful combination. Secrets to making money with instant access right here right now.

This is one of the reasons people get scammed online. They let their emotions over rule their common sense. Here is my best advice when it comes to making money fast and quick. I worked part time at affiliate marketing for 3 1/2 years. Affiliate marketing is getting paid to sell other people's products. I spent a lot of time becoming a student of the business I was in. I still do. I have been full time for almost a year now. In the past year I tried to build a new website every week, I had over 20 blogs, I tried joint ventures, and all I got was burned out.

Now I went back to working on a handful of websites and blogs I like to write for and develop. I look forward to working everyday. You can definitely make money online after you learn the ropes, but the key to long term success is enjoying whatever it is you do online. At least it has been for me.

That means fast and quick ways to make money really are slow and rewarding ways to make money. It requires a long term approach to your internet business. This should become a career to you. It will never seem like one because you will have so much fun doing it. To do that you need to build websites and blogs around a topic that interests you and take the time to learn how to do it right.

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