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Hosting Affiliate Links On Your Website


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You are an entrepreneur at heart - you are looking for ways to generate income on the Internet. You have decided to work from home by setting up an e-commerce site where people can purchase a product that you have decided to market on the World Wide Web. It can be anything - e-books, other electronic information, or general merchandise - you just need to be selling it on the Internet.

The one thing about work at home entrepreneurs is that they are always trying to find new and different ways for their sites to generate money. Many of you may have heard about affiliate advertising, and how it can be used to help you generate traffic for your own site.

However, many successful Internet entrepreneurs have used the affiliate links to help boost their own bottom line. That's right! Why not host a few top-performing links on your site so you can get in on the income that is being dispersed by other e-commerce sites that are on the Internet?

You are going to have space on your website where you can put button links, or text links on your site, that are going to link to the affiliate promoter's website. Every time someone clicks from your website to the affiliate, and then makes a purchase, you are going to make a percentage of that sale.

The key to making this as profitable as possible for your work at home venture is to choose affiliates that have three different characteristics:

1. High sales sites - (you can find affiliates for everything from Wal-Mart to specialty stores), but the key is to find sales that give you a good chance of converting a sale. You might have to do a little bit of research into which ones will be the best for you.

2. Decent payout on sales - You don't necessarily want something that is going to pay you 1 or 2% on the total affiliate sales, because you might not make as much money. Find an affiliate that has a good balance between payout percentage and sales conversion. This will be your best combination for steady income.

3. Common affiliates - People who are coming to your site are obviously interested in what your product is offering. In order to increase your chance of having a click through, add affiliate links that are related to, or complimentary to your own site. If you have an affiliate that is totally unrelated to your website content, you might not get the same number of quality click-through sales.

You don't always need to offer affiliate opportunities for your own product to increase the sales on your site. You can also generate decent income with the right affiliate link on your own site. Take some time to find the right affiliate for you, and you will produce an excellent side income from your current e-commerce site.

Bob Saville believes he is living proof that ANYONE can be a huge success working from home. He is a self-starter that has found life's real rewards after working from home for over 3 years. You can visit his website at to see how you can get started!


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