MLM - Why Most People DO NOT and WILL NOT Make More Money Than They Will Spend - Part Five


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There are so many psychological “techniques" that the upper hierarchy of a Multi Level Marketing company will use against you to “keep you in line" or under their influence. These techniques are designed to force you to do things against your will.

The biggest WEAPON that the upline will use to KEEP YOU UNDER THEIR SPELL will be to play the guilt trip over LOYALTY to the group.

For those who have never experienced the controlling techniques of MLM upline manipulators, you can't even imagine how powerful that Ace is when it lands on the table. Talk about committing high treason!

For example:

"You are not setting a good example for your group. "


"You need to show leadership and buy your way over this level so your group can see you on stage as a high achiever. "


"You have to promote these tools and get all your group to the function. If YOU don't do it then neither will they. The group needs to see YOU doing it. "

and the daddy of them all:

"You must EDIFY all your upline. "

God! The people in the upline were only there because they joined BEFORE you, NOT because they were a great leader or had ANY talent at all. In fact, some were pathetic dweebs but you HAD to tell all those under you how wonderful they were. That was an ORDER not a suggestion.

The so-called “counseling" sessions were full of making you feel guilty for letting the team down. Everybody copped liberal doses of it.

All MLM's make use of this. They will make you feel guilty for having an opinion other than that of the almighty upline.

And let's face it, all the upline ever wanted was to keep the money machine cranking. They would do or say anything to vacuum the cash upwards.

Some MLM's are nothing more than a cult. Where's the cordial?

With respect to loyalty, nobody likes to be branded a dissident or a traitor to the cause. And MLM is a cause. I have been in some that certainly behave like a coven or a cult.

The Grand Poobah is all powerful. He can do anything or say anything and everybody has to accept and applaud it. Those who don't are watched and singled out for intensive “counseling. "

There is so much psychology tied up in MLM and most of it is negative (in my opinion!).

Finding the “hot" button for a distributor is all part of it. For some that is greed, for others praise or something else but when all else fails the thing that always works is the notion of “letting down the team. "

Nobody wants to do that. Soldiers die for it.

They (the upline) will say: "You want to build this business for your wife/husband/children don't you? Are you willing to let them down?" How often I heard those words being used. Is that a guilt trip? I certainly think so.

I don't know anybody who likes to be singled out as “letting down the team. "

Much of the foundation of MLM is based on loyalty to the group. Each distributor has to do or be seen to do the group thing. That is what the king-pins prey on. How can anybody make serious money under that sort of pressure?

Part Six of this series follows.

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