Why Your Goals May Be Holding You From Success

Michael L. Smith

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Everyone and their mother tells you to set goals for yourself, but are these goals truly beneficial? Well yes, some goals are great, but some can lead to frustration.

Take for example, let us say you start a home business and make some goals. You write them down and say the first month you want to make $10,000.

Well what happens when you only make $500? Well you probably wouldn't be too crushed if that was pure profit. However some disappointment would fill your being whether you liked it or not.

So month after month of not being where you want to be will add up. I'm not suggesting goals are bad in any way, they actually make you work harder in some cases. However, you shouldn't be emotionally attached to your goals.

Make a plan and set milestones in which you need to have things accomplished. If you fail to reach the milestone then you know you need to step it up. I suggest taking it a day at a time and just know where you want to end up.

Start speaking the lifestyle you want into existence. If you want to be a six figure income earner than start being one before you actually are one. Start being grateful for the things you have instead of concentrating on the things you don't.

Just know that every day you are getting one step closer to your dreams, remember success is a process. The day you stop focusing on the things you don't have is the day those things will start to magically appear in your life.

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