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More and more people are interested in starting a business from home. For many, starting a candle business from home sounds like a great option. Candles are a little luxury that creates a pleasing environment in our homes and offices. Candle are one of the number one gifts given by and to women. With the simple appeal of candles, a candle business can also be a great way to add income to one’s family budget.

Making Candles on your Own
Some people love to create. With that creativity they thrive in making their own candles. They may take a candle making class or learn candle making through books or other resources. While making candles can be fun, the down side is perhaps lack of time to market candles. You will also want a special location in your home to make candles and confine the mess. Be sure to take your time to research where to find and purchase quality candle making materials. The tools you use will make your work much easier. Investing in your candle making business properly will make your candle business more enjoyable.

Marketing Candles
Other people choose to leave the candle making to others and focus on marketing candles. Time is freed up from the making to pursue marketing candles. This may be a great option for someone who wants to maximize their time and focus on making money. For those who love to marketing candles, they may find the creativity in marketing an excellent trade off for the hands on aspect of making candles.

Direct Sales Candle Companies
There are several direct sales companies that will allow you to purchase candles at wholesale or at a discount. If one chooses to go this option, be sure to find out what kind of profit you can make. Purchase a candle so that you can try the candles and see if you like how they perform. Does the company allow advertising and fundraising? Residual income is another aspect of many direct sales companies. So in addition to marketing your candles, you may also have the option to leverage your earnings by building a team of candle business associates.

Whichever option you choose, be sure to find or make a candle that is unique. All candles are not created the same. Do your research. Some candles burn clean and leave little soot. Other candles are rather sooty. Consider, which type you’d prefer marketing. Some candles lose their fragrance, others are highly scented. Which would your customers prefer?

If you work in an office or other business setting, take your candles to work. Share them with your co-workers and get their opinion. If you have a great candle, your co-workers will want to know where you got the candle and very possibly order candles from you.

Most importantly in starting a candle business is to get your candles under people's noses. Sure you can tell people about your candles and how great they are but unless you get the candles under someone's nose, it's just another candle. Letting people experience your candles is the best way to start marketing your candle business.

Sarah Eiden enjoys sharing gourmet candles in her community and teaching others how to start their own candle business from home. Request a free candle business eBook at:


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