Don't Be A Victim Of This International Network Marketing Problem

Jonathan Budd

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Gawd!! This can be frustrating. It’s happened twice to me in the last 2 months along, and believe me I don’t want it to happen to you.

I am one of the “new age” networkers who heavily utilizes the infinite networking power of the Internet to build my primary network marketing business.

I have been opening up groups in new countries all over the place and let me tell you ONE thing that you have got to do when dealing with people internationally.

You have got to SIGN THEM UP and get a distributor ID for them before you even do anything else. Let me tell you why.

First I woke up to an excited woman who came across my opportunity online. She called from Australia and said she was so excited to join, and she wanted to join under me right away, because she was going to a meeting in Australia to learn more about it.

Of course…. I was stoked! Didn’t think much of it, gave her my website and told her I would call her in the morning.

I woke up excited as ever, happy as could be about getting woken up to a new distributor in my group. Then I checked me email.

“Thank you for showing the opportunity to me Jonathan but I decided to join Goerge’s group as he is closer to me and can offer the training I want. Hope this doesn’t upset you, good luck and good bye. ”

I was livid. I have never felt so robbed of something in my left, and I have literally had money stolen from me before! It never felt like that. It felt like I was being robbed of my future dreams, I kid you not.

What did I learn? First things first, sign a person up online and get them an ID#. Tell them you are going to get them a VIP number to attend the meeting and they have to register with the company. Or just flat out say you won’t even talk more until they get that ID#. It’s just part of how you do business internationally.

I certainly know it’s a new guideline when I’m doing International Network marketing! Fortunately I have my systems in place to constantly generate new prospects, and my group is still growing good, but if you can avoid this…. DO IT.

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