The Myth About "Duplication" In Network Marketing

Jonathan Budd

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Everyone knows the dream in network marketing is when you actually have duplication going on within your organization. But there is something people often don’t realize about duplication.

People are not duplicatable. Only “systems” are duplicatable.

99% of all the people out there will never duplicate and be the type of person the top leader in your company is. They will never do it. They will never recruit as many people, never talk to as many people, and never make as much money.

The reason why is because people are not duplicatable. The only thing you can truly duplicate is a system.

The system is something that everyone can duplicate with the EXACT same results.

When you have a marketing funnel, and each piece of your marketing funnel is designed to move a person through to the next piece with maximum conversion being spit out the other end…. that is duplicatable.

At that point, it simply becomes…. how many people can I move through this well oiled funnel.

You make sure every single person who uses the system uses it in the exact same way, and will achieve the exact same results based on how many people they run through it.

Now that is the tricky part. Most people stop there when it comes to their system. They don’t have a system to actually generate endless people to move through their marketing funnel, and hence most people exhaust their warm market contacts and fail.

When you develop BOTH kinds of systems to duplicate throughout your downline…. you are becoming one of the new generation network marketers, who understands how vital marketing is to bring new people into your business.

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