How And Why You Do Whatever It Takes

Joe LoBalsamo

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When I am speaking with people about this business, they always ask me Joe what is it you do that makes people want to work with you and be around you? They ask were do you find these great Leaders? Why are you doing so well in you business? I want to find Leaders like you? My reply is the same every time.

You have to become one first and then other Leaders will find you. It's the law of attraction that states, you attract to your reality who you are! So when I speak with people and they ask all these question, I think back to when I first started in this business. The challenges I faced daily. Some challenges were no money, always complaining about ever thing, lack of desire and most important, not taking Action!

We are all faced with challenges of this nature but what make a Leader different from someone else is that they Do What Ever It Takes to be a success. This is a business and most people think they can come into this business and expect success over night. Well it does not work that way. You must be willing to pay the price for success. Anyone who is a success will tell you that it is a process and not a destination!

People want to be a success in this business so bad but they will not pay the price at the door. They think that if they join they can just sit back and watch the money roll in. What is so funny to me is that people will get up to go to the JOB at 5AM in the morning, travel the traffic, miss time with there family, have no money and wake up the next morning to do all over again! They are faced with all kinds of challenges during this process. I know this because I did the same thing.

So the question is why people wont Do What Ever IT Takes to achieve success in the network marketing business? Because they have a job mentality and get that pay check ever week so it's easy to get used to that way of living. They allowed the worlds action to dictate how they live from the time they were babies. Then all the Dreaming that they did growing up was Lost! So they end up at a JOB were they are paid what their Boss feels there worth. People expect and want more in our business but wont stay in the game long enough to learn the skills necessary to become a big success in this business.

Every successful Leader is willing to do What Ever It Takes until he or she is a success. I read books, listen to tapes, watch successful people, I seek out information that will assist me in my field, I wont wait to be told what to do in my business, I see challenges as stepping stones to learning and much much more but I think you get what I am saying.

The most important activity that I do on a daily bases is TAKE ACTION! Become a student of network marketing and DO WHAT EVER IT TAKES TO succeed.

I have been in network marketing for four years now. I enjoy meeting new leaders and working with them teaching my proven strategies to building there network marketing opportunity successfully. My team and I always Look for effective tactics that will assist us in exploding our business world wide. I am now able to spend more time with my family and achieve financial Independence and I wish the same for you!

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