Getting Your Daycare Licensed - Is It Worth It?


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To be or not to be, that is the question. Or shall we say to get a daycare license or not. There are many beliefs regarding daycare licenses and it’s my job to inform you of all the pro’s and cons. The first part of having a successful daycare is applying for a license. Remember were in this business to provide quality childcare, and to have longevity (no burnout).

1. Daycare Licenses are there for a reason. And the big reason is to protect you legally from getting sued.

2. Safety should be your #1 priority in your daycare and having a license promotes rules and regulations that instruct you on how to keep your daycare safe- and prevent you from getting sued for poor daycare practices.

3. Rules and Regulations for daycare licensing promote quality daycare.

4. Rules and regulations are there to protect the parent and their children. Parents who find providers who are licensed have greater trust in them.

5. Some states require you to be licensed to collect state aid payments or be a member of their food program- this equal’s more money for you.

Many providers do not have daycare licenses and do operate with numerous children in their care and from daycare licensing standards are over their numbers even if they had a license. In my personal opinion I think this is playing Russian roulette.

Either you will get burned out, or some terrible accident will happen. I certainly would hate to see anyone on the nightly news regarding some accident or forgotten child left behind. It gives everyone in the daycare industry a bad reputation. Not because you might have made the error but because people stop trusting others in taking care of their children.

Again, get your daycare license. It’s in your best interest.

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