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1. Executive Summary –Brief information about your credentials and the business you are intending to start and the location.

A. ) The Business- What is the business all about? Give full detail.
B. ) The Customers – Who are the customers you are going to reach?
C. ) The Management – More about your credentials and experience.

2. Objectives - What are your business goals? What do you need to have done in 1, 2 or 3 years?

3. Mission – What will your business do for the customers, employees, community?

4. Company Summary - How will it be financed and will it be a C Corporation, S Corp, LLC or sole proprietor?

5. Company Ownership - Who will own the home based business?

6. Start-up Summary - Exact costs of business startup. Put in all details for business equipment, supplies, incorporation fees, state fees etc. Create a spread sheet and put in a chart called Business Startup Costs.

7. Services – Exactly what services will your home business offer?

8. Market Analysis Summary- What does the market growth look like for your industry? Who are your competitors? What is the income level of your customers?

9. Strategy and Implementation Summary – What is your competitive edge? What is the sales strategy of your business? What are your sales forecasts?

10. Management Summary – Summarize what your management team will look like. Including any employees you may hire.

11. Financial Plan – A summary of what your business expectations are with included growth information. Project your profit and loss for the first two years. Put this in a spreadsheet format and include a chart as well.

Writing a business plan is not very hard. If you do the research to find a hot target market and products which appeals to you, then you will have most of the information you need. A small business plan is a building block for the formation of a solid business. It allows you see where you are currently and follow a plan for success down the road. In a nutshell it is your business goals and direction for the future.

Paul Kopp is the Founder and CEO of Kopp Enterprises, Inc. Paul has been a Home Based Business owner for over 7 years. Currently he operates 2 online businesses and also is involved in numerous non internet related businesses. Paul created to give quality information and resources to start and run a home based business smoothly and profitably. He covers all the topics from A-Z for home based businesses. This article and others can be found at his Business Resource Center .


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