What Are You Willing To Pay For Your Home Business Success?

Janice Sharman

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The best things in life are free seem to apply to intangible things or things over which one has no control like fresh air, salvation, sunshine. These are things nobody can work to earn. Things like wealth are very rarely free unless through inheritance or a big win. The people who have made massive wealth working from home have done so by risk-taking, perseverance and hard work.

Yet if you surf the internet for any length of time, you will come across website after website that would have you believe you can become wealthy by starting a work at home business with $1 - $9 and working just a few minutes each day.

"If you have $7.5 in your E-Gold account, you can Turn It Into $960,799.00 In Just A Few Weeks. . . It really works like magic!"

"Would You Like To Earn an Extra $50, $100 or Even $200 a Day. . . Just By Placing a Small Piece of Code on Your Website?"

How can anyone believe these things are even remotely possible? Common sense should tell the viewer that if those statements were true, everyone with a computer and an internet connection would be wealthy.

Sad to say, many people still believe that it is possible to become fabulously wealthy without putting in much time or effort. I have had prospects tell me they do not wish to spend any money or read too much information just to start their internet business. How did we arrive at this unrealistic “I want something for nothing" mentality?

Of course people are becoming wealthy running online work at home businesses but they are the ones who were willing to sacrifice the time, effort and money necessary to develop and promote their business ventures. They have had to be focused, with a mindset singular to success. With the rules of the game constantly changing in Internet marketing, they position themselves as lifelong learners, ever aware of what’s working and what’s not.

Norman Vincent Peale, founder of the Positive Thinking Foundation, once said, “Nothing of great value in this life comes easily. The things of highest value sometimes come hard. The gold that has the greatest value lies deepest in the earth, as do the diamonds. "

If you wish to become truly wealthy or even begin to earn a decent living on the internet you have to put in the required effort, spend money, and work consistently and creatively. There are no permanent short cuts to success. You will appreciate your home business much more when you have worked hard to earned your success.

Home Business Entrepreneur Janice Sharman enjoys helping people start and run their own home based business. For FREE information on how you can start and maintain a successful Work at Home Business go to http://www.computer-work-at-home-job.ws/ or http://www.profits4sure.com/


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