Entrepreneurs – Do You Believe in Magic Or Just Plain Hard Work?

Lee Lister

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Do you believe in magic? Do you think that you can pay a few bucks for an idea and then make thousands for little effort? Do you think that people will sell a money cow for little money? There are scammers out there that think you will – don’t let them take your money!

First of all business takes a combination of perspiration and inspiration. Do you really think that if someone had a business that took little effort and investment – they would let thousands of people have this information. I wouldn’t, I would keep that information to myself and live off my good luck.

Here’s some inside information for you. Marketing is just like a magic trick and successful marketers know that it's all in the presentation. Just like a magician. I mean, if you could sneak backstage and see how the magic is performed, you'd lose interest in the actual trick.

The unscrupulous magicians know just what buttons to push to get you to buy from them. Overworked, underpaid, want to earn big bucks in your spare time/in your PJ’s/in your own home. If you get asked any of these questions, you know to look much more closely before you part with any hard earned cash.

Here's some of those “smoke-and-mirror" effects so that you can learn to see past them and make a much more informed decision.

Time Limiting Offers: These are usually offers such as “ring today only”, “for x days only”, “price goes up in 7 days”, “introductory offer”. Well you get the picture. Many of these are bogus and aimed to get you to respond immediately whilst you are in the buying mode.

Many Extras: Here the marketer is appealing to your greedy genes. Ask your self two questions: “Are they worth it?” and “Do you want them?”.

A Compelling Life Story: Marketers use this trick to connect to your emotions. They show you pictures of beautiful people who are driving fast cars from large houses, living the life that you want to live. Most purchases are made due to an emotional response triggered by the advertisement presented. Unscrupulous sellers want you to believe that you can become a multi millionaire just like them. And they are willing to “share these secrets of wealth" with you, for a price. Of course, those searching for easy ways to make more money, or become millionaires themselves will more than happily stump up the few bucks.

Facts and Figures. Some sales materials will contain what you are lead to believe are real examples of income earned through the particular program they are trying to peddle. But, with image editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop, anyone can “doctor" up an image that reflects so called “real earnings". Again, some are real, and others are made up to get you hooked enough to close the sale. Notice that any sales page that contains “actual" facts or earning income figures will also carry disclaimers that “the results represented here are not typical", or some other type of legal material to keep the seller out of “hot water" with people who expect the “moon".

So how do you protect yourself?

* Take a beat – think it over before rush to invest in that new product/idea/course.

* Remember that most of these types of companies make their money from selling the product/idea/course to people like you as opposed to using the concepts in their own business.

* Use your favorite search engine to do a search on your chosen business product/idea/course. See what other people have said about it and see how many other people are selling the product as well.

Lastly remember what my mum taught me “There is no such thing as a free lunch!” Good luck.

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Lee Lister writes as The Biz Guru, for a number of web sites including her http://www.clikks.com where she sells her informational products. With over 20 year’s management and business consultancy experience with businesses large and small as well as being a serial entrepreneur, she now helps others set up, develop and market their businesses.

If you would like more help and assistance in setting up your new business then visit http://www.startmynewbusiness.com for advice and assistance.

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